Brahmavaivarta Purana – Brahma Khandam Chapter 9

Brahma Khandam Chapter 9

Progeny of the daughters of Daksha

Sauti Said, “O best of the Brahmanas, thereafter, Brahma commanded his sons to start creation and all the sons started creation except Narada. From the mind of Marlca, Prajapati, Kas’yapa, was bom. From the eyes of the sage Atri, moon was bom in Ksirasagara (ocean of milk).

Gautama was bom out of the mind of Praceta and Maitra-vamna appeared from Pulastya.

From Manu and Satariipa, three daughters were bom, in the name of AkUti, Devahuti and Prasuti, who were all well-virtuous. In addition to the daughters, Priyavrata and Uttanapada two’ sons were also bom to them. The most religions Dhruva was the son of Uttanapada.

Akuti was married to Ruci, Prasuti to Daksa and Devahuti to Kardama. Kapila was bom of Devahuti.

With the semen of Daksa, sixty daughters were bom from the womb of Prasuti. Out of these sixty daughters, he gave away in marriage, eight to Dharma, eleven to Rudra one name Sat! to Siva, thirteen to Kas’yapa and twenty seven to the moon.

О Brahmana, I am reciting the names of the wives of Dharma. These were Sauti, Pusti, Dhrti, Ksama, Sraddha, Mati and Smrti.

A son named Samtosa was bom to Santi and Mahan was a son of Pusti. Dhairya was bom to Dhrti and Harsa and Darpa to Tusti.

Similarly Sahisnu was bom of Ksama, DhSrmika from Sraddha, Jnana from Mati and Jatismara from Smrti were bom.

0 Saunaka, from Mati, the first wife of Dharma, two sages known as Nara and Narayana and several other religions sons were bom.

1 shall now narrate the names of the wives of Rudras. Listen to me attentively. These were Kala, Kalavati, Kastha, Kalika, Kalahapriya, Kandalx, Bhlsana, Rasna, Pramoca, Bhusana and Sukl. Many sons were bom to them who became the attendants of Siva.

Because of the denouncing of her husband, Siva, who was the lord of yajnas in the function in the abode of Daksa Satl ended her life and was born again in the house of Himalayas as the daughter of Mena and married Siva again as her husband.

О Religions ones, now you listen to the names of the wives of Kasyapa, who were, Aditi, the mother of gods, Kadru the mother of serpents, Vinata the mother of the birds, Surabhi, the mother of cows and bulls; Sarama daughter of dogs and other four footed animals, Danu the mother of the Danavas, besides several other wives who gave birth to many sons and daughters.

О Brahman, Indra, the twelve Adityas, Upendra (Visnu) and other gods, are believed to be the sons of Aditi.

Jayanta was bom of SacI, the spouse of Indra. Sani and Yama were bom of Suvana, the daughter of Vis’vakarma besides a daughter named Yamuna. Similarly the planet Mangala was bom out of the earth from the seed of Upendra.

Saunaka said, “O Son of Suta, tell me, how was the valorous Mangala planet bom of the earth. Kindly tell me.

Sauti said, “once the earth-became passionate at the sight of the beauty of Upendra. She then turned herself into the form of a beautiful damsel and went to the lonely place of Malyavan mountain which abounded with the sandal-wood trees having tender leaves. Her entire body was plastered with the sandal-paste. She was adorned with the gem-studded ornaments and wore a serene and calm out look and a smile on her face. She wore a beautiful garland of fragrant flowers, besides the perfume of saffron and kastitri emitted from her body. She found her beloved sleeping over a bed and infected with passion she herself reached him she then presented him with beautiful garland of fragrant jasmine flowers together with the perfume of kastUri and saffron.

By her union with him she felt intoxicated and was about to faint. When the seed of Visnu was implanted in her she felt like a half dead person.

Thereafter, the damsel with wide waist and developed breasts, fatigued with the performing of the love sport, she was smiling. Upendra them embraced her and kissed her lips. Thereafter, Purusottama left the place leaving her alone there.

O sage, per chance TJrvasI, passed by the way. She enquired about her welfare and brought her to senses. The earth goddess narrated to her the entire story.

Thereafter the weak earth was unable to bear the seed of Visnu. She then dropped the semen in the mine of gems and the planet Mangala was bom out of it. That son of Narayana was known as great illustrious like the sun.

The spouse of Mangala was known as Medha and their sons were also illustrious like the lord Visnu. Two sons were bom to Diti, who were known as Hiranyaksa and Hiranyakas’ipu besides a daughter named Simhika. Rahu was the son of Simhika.

Simhika was also known as Nirrti because of which Rahu was also known as Nairrta

Hiranyaksa was issueless. He was killed young by the Varaha incarnation of Visnu.

Prahlada, the son of Hiranyakasipu was the best of the Vaisnavas. His son was known as Virocana and Bali was the son of Virocana.

Banasura was the son of Bali who was a great yogi and great devotee of Siva. Thus I have spelt out the details about the family of Diti. Now I speak about the race of KadrQ. Which you please listen.

Ananta, Vasuki, Kallya, Dhananjaya, Karkot aka, Taksaka, Padama, Airavata, Mahapadma, Sadakum, Saihkha, Samvarana, Dhrtarastra, Durddhasa, Durjya, Durmukha, Bala, Moksa, Gokarmuka and Virapa are the chiefs of all the races of the serpents.

The girl bom of LaksmI was given the name of Manasa, who happens to be the best of the female ascetics. She is illustrious and bestows welfare.

Jaratkam happens to be her husband who was bom out of the amsa of Visnu. Astlka is the son of Jaratkam who too is illustrious like Visnu.

By reciting their names the humans are relieved of the danger from snakes. I have apprised you of the details of the family of Kadrn and shall now enlighten you about the race of Vinata.

Aruna and Garuda were the two sons of Vinata. Both of them were valorous like Visnu. All the spices of the birds emerged out of them.

The cows and buffaloes were bom out of Surabhi. All the dogs were bom of Sarama. The sons born of Danu were known as Danavas and the rest of the races were bom out of different females. Thus describing about the race of Kas’yapa I now speak about the solar race.

First of all you listen about the wives of the moon and their stories which have been highlighted in the Puranas.

The spouses of the moon include, As’vini, BharanI, Krttika, RohinI, MrgasTra, Ardra, Punarvasu, Pusya, As’lesa, Magha, Piirvaphalgunl, UttaraphalgunI, Hasta, Citra, Svatl, Visakha, Anuradha, Jyestha, Mula, PQrvasadha, Uttarasadha, Sravana, Dhanistha, Satabhisa, Piirva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada and Revati. These are the twenty seven in number of all these the passionate and beautiful RohinI is dearest to him, because she had always overpowered the moon because of her live and devotion. The moon then neglected his other wives considerably.

Thereafter the neglected sisters complained to his father collectively that they were jeered’at by the co-wives.

The emerged father then pronounced a curse on the moon. Because of the curse of his father- in-law, the moon suffered from consumption.

Gradually his strength and lustre went on decreasing. Ultimately the moon took refuge with Siva. The compassionate Siva, finding the moon so suffering he freed him from the danger

He relieved the moon from the disease of consumption and placed him over his head. The moon this became eternal and was lodged over the head of Siva, which freed the moon of all the danger.

Thereafter, Siva came to be known a Candrasekhara because of his accommodating the moon over his head. О Gods, there is no one else who could be more compassionate then Siva.

Then the daughters of Daksa finding the moon having been freed from the ailment, again started crying and reached Daksa, the illustrious one. They then started lamenting while crying and beating their breasts. They cried aloud feeling miserable and spoke to Daksa, the son of Brahma.

The daughter of Daksa said, “0 Father, we had prayed to you for seeking the grace of our husband. But instead of getting his grace, our lord has left us.

O Father, we find darkness every where in the universe inspite of having eyes. We have now come to realise that the husband only is the eyes for the ladies.

Not only this, the movement of the ladies, their life and the riches are vested in the husband. He alone is the cause of dharma, artha, kama and moksa and the means to cross the ocean of the universe.

For ladies, husband alone is Narayana, the vow and the ancient religion. Because of this, the religion functions performed by the ladies after antagonising the husbands are of no avail.

Bathing at all the holy places and the daksina given after performing of the yajnas, noble deeds, vratas adoration of gods, holy fasting and all the types of meditation do not equate with even the sixteenth ray as compared to the serving at the feet of the husband.

Son is the dearest of all the relatives but the same son happens only to be a part of the husband. Therefore the husband is far more important than the hundreds of sons.

A lady bom in an evil family always remains environs her husband because her mind always remains unstable and she feels attracted towards the evil and wicked people.

But the chaste ladies serve her husbands even when he is mean, degraded, sickly, wicked, poor deprived of virtues and whether young or old

A woman who envies a poor or virtuous husband and deserts him, she suffers in the horrible hell till the sun and moon shine on earth. where insects eat her up like dogs day and night. When hungry, she has to consume the flesh of dead bodies and has to consume the urine to quench her thirst.

She then is born crores of times as vulture, female pig for a hundred years and carnivore for a hundred births and ultimately she destroys her own family.

Again, because of her good deeds, in case she is reborn as a human, she becomes a widow, a pauper and remains sickly. This is certain.

О Son of Brahmana, you better restore our husband to us because you can create the universe like Brahma himself?”.

On hearing the words of his daughters, Daksa went to Siva, who got up from his seat and bowed in reverence before Daksa, Daksa then blessed Siva, the compassionate one. Finding Siva’s humble behaviour, Daksa’s anger disappeared.

Daksa said, “O Lord Siva, you please return my son in law who is dearer to my daughters than their lives even.

You also happen to be my son in law. In case you do not return my son-in-law to me, I shall pronounce a horrible curse on you and you will not be able to free yourself from it.

О Brahmana, on hearing the words of Daksa, Siva spoke the words which were sweeter than the nectar even.

Siva said, “Whether your reduce me to ashes or pronounce a curse on me, but I am unable to return the moon who has taken the refuge under me.” On hearing the words of Siva, Daksa was about to pronounce a curse of Siva. At that point of time, Siva remembered of Govinda.

At that very moment, lord Krsna appeared on the scene in the form of an old Brahmana, who happened to be the creation of both of them. Both of them bowed before him in reverence.

О Brahmana, he blessed both of them with his divine light and he then spoke to Siva first.

The lord said, “O Siva, nothing is dearer to them the soul in all the creatures, therefore О Lord of the gods, you better same yourself by giving away the moon the Daksa

You are the best of the recluses, are calm, first among the Vaisnavas and you treat ail the creatures in one and the same way. You are free from violence and anger.

Daksa is full of anger, terrific and is an illustrious son of Brahma. A noble person gives in before a terrific person who never gets afraid of anyone”.

Hearing the words of Narayana, Siva smiled and spoke quite appropriate words which were the gist of the politics.

Siva said, “I can sacrifice my tapas, glory, all the achievements, the riches and even my life but cannot give away the person who had taken refuge with me.

because the one who disown the person who had taken refuge with him, he is also abandoned by the Dharma pronouncing a curse of him.

Therefore, О lord of the universe. I can disown anyone except the Dharma. Because the one who is deprived of the Dharma of his own is discarded by all the Dharma.

The one who protest Dharma, he is also protected Dharma. О Lord you arc well aware of the Dharma and as such why do you speak such words influenced with your illusion.

You are the producer and the creator of all besides being the destroyer. The one who is deeply devoted to you cannot be afraid of anyone”.

The lord who is well aware of the sentiments of others listened to the words of Siva quite attentively. He then took out the moon from his head and gave him away to Daksa.

The half them the half portion of the moon which was quite healthy was placed over the head of Siva, while the other half which was ailing went to Daksa, who finding the same infested with the disease of consumption, prayed to lord Krsna, who so managed that the moon would become full during one fortnight and lustre less during the other fortnight. Thus blessing both of them lord Krsna retreated to his abode. Daksa on his part entrusted the care of the moon to his daughters. The moon on the other hand treated all his wives equally from that time on wards and enjoyed all the pleasures of their company.

О Brahmana, I have narrated to you all whatever was hard by me at Psskara from the mouth of my teacher..


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