Brahmavaivarta Purana Brahma Khandam Chapter 28

Savitris prayer for Yama

Sri Narayana said—On hearing the praise of lord Visnu from the mouth of Yama, the eyes of Savitrl were filled with tears and she felt emotional. She then spoke to Yama again.

Savitrl said—О Dharma, reciting the name of lord Visnu or speaking or hearing his names, result in the redemption of the race, because such a recitation removes old age, death and birth of the people.

Therefore, of all the methods of adoration, of the charities, the performing of vratas, siddhis, Htpas practice of the yogis, the study of the Vedas, the recitation of the name of the Lord Vishnu happens to be the best.

Therefore it is said that salvation, eternity, the possessing of all the siddhis do not compare even one sixteenth part of the adoration of lord Krishna.

Therefore, О lord, you are the best among those well-versed in the Vedas; you tell me the method of adoration of Lord Krishna who is beyond Prakrti; you kindly tell that to a helpless lady like me.

I have heard about the good reward of the noble deeds of the people but I would like to know the reward they get for their evil deeds. Therefore, you kindly tell the same to me. О Brahman, thus speaking the chaste Savitrl bowed her head in reverence and started offering prayers to the god of death.

Savitri said—In earlier times, the sun-god went to the Puskara regions and meditated upon Dharma for a long time. Thereafter, he got a son from the amsa of Dharma who was given the name of Dharmaraja.

He happens to be the witness of all and extended equal treatment to all the creatures. He has been given the name of Saman. I bow in reverence to him he is the one who destroys all the creatures on earth according to their deeds. I bow in reverence to Lord Yama.

He is the one who gives punishment to the sinners and controls all the deeds. He is the staff bearer, I bow in reverence to him.

He is the one who regulates the age of the creatures on earth, I bow in reverence to such a terrific god of death.

He is the one who provides rewards for the deeds of all the Tcipasvls, Vaisnavas, religious people, the self-disciplined ones and those who have controlled their organs of senses. I bow in reverence to such a Yama.

The one who roams in his own soul, is all knowledgeable, the friend of noble souls, a terror for the sinners, I bow in reverence to such a type of friend of the noble souls.

The one who was bom in the race of Brahma and is established by the tejas of Brahma meditating upon the eternal Brahman always, I bow in reverence to the one who belongs to the race of Brahma.

Thus speaking, О sage, Savitrl, bowed in reverence to Yama. Yama on his part enlightened Savitrl on the grace of lord Visnu and the reciting of his name. Thus getting up early in the morning whosoever recites the eight verses of Yama, the god of death never frightens him.

О Narada, even if this stotra is recited by the great sinners with devotion, he is sure to be rejuvenated and becomes completely pure.


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