Brahmavaivarta Purana – Brahma Khandam Chapter 8

Brahma Khandam Chapter 8

Creation of Veda and Manus

Sauti said, “Brahma, after the creation of the universe, implanted the seed in the beautiful Savitrl as a passionate person, implants the seed in his wife. Savitrl then held the seduce of Brahma in her womb for a hundred divine years and gave birth to charming RSginls. Thereafter six beautiful Ragas were created together with the rhythms Savitrl then gave birth of Satyayuga, Dvdpara, Tretayuga and Kaliyuga,.

O best of the ascetics thereafter, years, months, seasons, days, dandas moments, besides days, nights, days of the week, daybreak, Push, Devasena, Medha, Vijaya, Jaya, six Krttikas and Karana were also produced by her.

Mahasasti Devasena, the spouse of Karttikeya, the chief among the Matrkas, was also bom out of Savitrl, She is also the deity of the children. The Brahma, Padma and Varaha kalpas, the four types of the times of dissolution, everlasting, were also created by her. She then fed them with the breast milk.

Thereafter out of the back side of Brahma adharma emerged and from his left side the most passionate AlaksmI or the goddess of misfortune emerged.

Vis’vakarma, the teacher of the architects was bom besides the eight valorous Vasus. Then four Kumaras were bom out of the mind of Brahma, who always looked of five years of age and possessed great glory.

The first one was given the name of Sanaka, the second one Sananda, the third one Sanatana and the fourth one was Sanatkumara, the best of the intellectuals.

A child emerged out of his mouth having the lustre of gold. Having the divine form, illustrious and was accompanied with the spouse. He happened to be the seed of the young people. Ks atriyas. He was known as the Svayambhu-Manu who was accompanied with Satrnpa his spouse who was beautiful like LaksmI and her body was quite artistic.

Manu then obeyed the command of Brahma with his spouse. Thereafter Brahma, with a pleasant mind commanded the illustrious lady for the creation of the universe. But the Kumaras refused to obey the command of Brahma and with their minds devoted towards Lord Krsna, they left for performing tapas.

This enraged, Brahma, the creator of the universe. О Lord, on getting enraged, Brahma, a Rudra appeared out of his forehead. He is said to be Kalagni Rudra and is known as the one with tamoguna element in the universe. Brahma is known as rajas, besides, Siva and Visnu are taken to be Satvikas. The great Krsna, the lord of Goloka is formless and beyond nature. The foolish people, term Siva as possessing the tamasis elements, but he is spotless, truthful and the foremost of the Vaispavas. Now listen to the names of Rudras as spelt out in the Vedas.

They are known as Mahan, Mahatma, Matiman, Bhisana, Bhayankara, Rtudhvaja, Urdhvakesa, Pinglakso, Ruci and Suci.

Out of the right ear of Brahma emerged Pulastya, Pulaha from the left ear, Atri from the right eye, Svayamkratu from the left eye, Arani and Angira from the navel, Ruci from the mouth, Bhrgu form the thighs and from the right side of the back Daksa was bom.

Then Kardama was bom out of the shadow of Brahma, Pancasikha out of the navel, Vodhu out of the chest, Narada from the neck, Marici from the shoulders, Apantratma from the throat, Vasist ha from the tongue, Praceta from lower lip, the goose from the left waist, Yati from right waist. Brahma them commanded his sons to create the universe. On hearing the command of his father, Narada said.

Narada Said, “O Great Sire, О Lord of the universe, you summon first of all our elder brothers, who are known as Sanaka etc. and arrange for their marriage. Then only you issue the command to us.

When the father himself allowed them to disown the universe, then why are we being entangled in the bondages of the world. It is surprising as well as a pity that the mind of the lord is moving in the different direction.

Because sons are being made to enjoy the nectar of tapas while others are being made to consume the terrific poison. О Father, whosoever, would fall into the horrible ocean of the universe, he could not be rescued out of it for crores of kalpas , because it is lord Purusottama

alone, who bestows all the riches, devotion, slavery, benevolence and is the only abode of rescue for his devotees. He loves his devotees, is spotless, beloved of the devotees, lord of the devotees and showers his compassion over his devotees. His is adorable by the devotees. You tell me who would be the fool who leaving such a compassionate lord shall divert his mind to the worldly pleasures.

Who would be the fool enough to discord the devotion of lord Krsna involve himself in the wordily pleasures, which are like the horrible poison.

As the tip of the lamp flame, becomes the cause of destruction for the fire-flies, inspite of being quite beautiful to look as, similarly the worldly pleasures are also short lived, degraded, perishable and destructive.

As the piece of flesh tied to the fish rod, delights and fish for an instant and them becomes the cause of its destination, similarly the worldly pleasures for a person in the universe is quite short-lived and become the cause of his destruction”.

Narada spoke like the fire flame before Brahma and then kept quiet. Then he bowed in reverence to Brahma and stood in attention before him.

О Brahmana, Brahma them getting enraged pronounced a curse on Narada. He was shaking in anger and his face became red.

Brahma said, “You will be deprived of your intelligence because of my curse. You will become the playful dear of the damsels and shall become passionate for women.

You will become the beautiful husband of fifty youthful and charming damsels. You will get well-versed in the art of love-sport, extremely passionate, master of several of the love sports and teachers of these engaged in making love. You will be good singe and excel in the playing of vwa. You will always remain youthful.

But at the same time you will be an intellect, sweet tongued, calm, humble, beautiful and full of wisdom. There is no doubt about it. You will be known by the name of upabrahana. You will roam about with those youthful damsels for a lakh of years in the lonely forest. Thereafter you will be bom of a maid servant because of my curse.

О Son, thereafter, after coming in contact with the noble people and after consuming their food you will achieve the grace of lord Krsna you will get yourself established as my son.

At that point of time I shall bestow on you the divine and ancient knowledge. But present you will get destroyed inspite of your being my son and will surely fall down.

Brahma, the lord of the universe then kept quiet after so speaking to Narada. Narada them spoke to his father while crying.

Narada said, “O Father, О Teacher of the universe. You please shed away your anger and be calm. You are the creator and the lord of the ascetics. You have showered your anger on me without any reason.

О Great Intellect, you are a well-read personality. The people curse the wicked sons and disown them. Then how do you fell justified in cursing and disowning your do you feel justified in cursing and disowning you son who is a recluse.

O Brahmana, in whatever forms I am bom in future, I should never be deprived of the devotion of the lord. Your also bestow this boon to me.

Because even when be the son of the creator of the universe, if he is not devoted at the feet of the lord, then he is considered to be worse than a pig on earth.

By remembering the deeds of his earlier births and with his mind filled with the devotion of the lord, even if one is bom as a boar the said person with his deeds can achieve Goloka,

Because the earth gets purified by the people who by consuming the dust from the lotus-like feet of the lord and keeping company of the Vaisnavas. With the discourses of mantras, the people get redeemed with crores of earlier generations.

By reciting mantras one gets relived of the crores of accumulated sins because the Mantras uproot all the earlier sins

Thus whosoever leads his coming generations to the righteous path, including the sons, wife, pupils servants and relatives, he surely achieves the highest place in the heaven

The teacher who misleads the faithful pupil, he gets dumped in the kumbhipaka hell till the sun and the moon shine an earth .

The teacher, brother, father, lord and the son are to be denounced, who are unable to bestow the devotion of lord Krsna.

О Four faced one, you have cursed me for no fault of mine. It would therefore be proper for me to pronounce a curse on you as well, because one who indulges in violence has to face violence even from the noble people.

Because of my curse, your stotras, kavacas, mantra and adoration shall disappear from the earth.

О Father you shall remain unadorable in all the three worlds in the three kalpas. Of course you will be adored again after the lapse of the three kalpas. Presently you will be deprived of your part in the yajnas. You will not be adored even in the religion vows. You will only be adored by the gods”.

Saying Narada kept quiet before his father, Brahma, however, continued to remain there calmly. Narada was then turned as Gandharva known by the names of Upabarhana. Then he became the son of the slave girl. Thereafter receiving knowledge from Brahma, he became Narada. I shall speak on the subject shortly


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