Brahmavaivarta Purana – Brahma Khandam Chapter 2

Brahma Khandam Chapter 2

The Position of Goloka and its description and the definition of the divinity of Sri Krishna

Saunaka said : “O Son of Suta, which is the astonishing and the unprecedented Purana you have come across? You better narrate the Brahmakhanda in detail (to enlighten us on the various subjects dealt with therein).

Sauti said : “I bow in reverence at the feet of the glorious teacher Vyasa. Then after bowing at the feet of Vishnu, the Brahmanas, I am going to narrate the ancient religions, the sacred Brahmakhanda which was recited to me by Vyasa; it destroys the darkness of ignorance and leads to the bright path of knowledge.

О Brahmana, there was a ball of light in the beginning, after the dissolution, the lustre of which resembled crores of suns. The same ball of light was quite vast and had been the cause of the universe.

The light of the selfbom lord is full of lustre. All the three worlds are enshrined in this ball of light quite pleasantly.

О Brahmana the Goloka is located above all the three worlds which is eternal like the lord himself. It is spread into crores of yojanas. It exists in the form of a globe.

It is quite illustrious and its land is studded with gems. The yogis cannot visualise it even in dream, while the Vaisnava not only visualise it but also achieve it.

The great soul has held the best of the lokas with his yogic practices. The Goloka is free from bodily ailments, mental ailments, death, grief and terror. Its grandeur it increased by innumerable gem- studded vast mansions.

At the time of dissolution, Lord Krsna alone resides there. During the normal times the place is crowded with the cowherds and cowherdesses.

Below the Goloka and at the distance of fifty crores of yojanas, Vaikuntha is located to its south.

Sivaloka is located to the west. Both the Vaikuntha and Sivaloka are as beautiful as the Goloka. Vaikuntha is located in a circular wa> covering an area of a crore of yojanas.

During the time of dissolution, it remains deserted and during the normal times Visnu and LaksmI reside there attended by the four armed attendants.

Vaikuntha too is from death and old age. To the west of it is located the Sivaloka which is spread over an area of a crore of yojcinas. During the. time of dissolution, the Sivaloka also remains un-inhabited and during the normal times, Siva and Parvatl have their abode there.

The Goloka possesses the divine light which bestows pleasure on all. The ascetics always meditate upon with their divine yogic sight that light which is blissful, invisible or having no form and represents the form of Brahmana.

The lord remains present in that light in quite a pleasant form, having a dark complexion like a new cloud. His eyes resemble the red lotus. His spotless face shines like the full moon of the winter.

His beauty resembles crores of Kamadevas. His beautiful form is the abode of divine plays. He has two arms and holds a flute.

He has a smiling face and is clad with a yellow lower gannent. He is adorned with beautiful gem- studded ornaments. His limbs are adorned with sandal-paste, kasttirl and saffron.

His chest is adorned with the Srivatsa mark. His head is adorned with the kirtta-mukuta which is studded with gems. He is seated over the gem-studded throne.

He indeed is Parabrahman, the great lord. He is self-bom, the cause of the creation of all the universe and the absolute Brahman.

He always remains in the tender age moving in the form of a cowherd.

He is endowed with the beauty of crores of full-moons. He is compassionate towards his devotees.

He is spotless, unattached, complete Brahman, omnipresent, remains present in the divine dance, peaceful, RasesVara, the one who extends welfare to all, abode of welfare, seed of blissfulness, truthful, indestructible, imperishable or eternal, lord of all the achievements, the form of all the achievements, beyond nature, Isvara, formless, form of the great soul, calm and is the refuge of all.

The calm-looking Vaisnavas meditate on him.

Therefore it is one lord alone who takes to many forms.

He witnessed the complete void everywhere at the time of dissolution”.


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