Brahmavaivarta Purana Brahma Khandam Chapter 24

The adoration of Savitri

Narayana said—The king Asvapati adored Savitri with the great stotra performing her the piija properly who appeared before him having the lustre of a thousand suns. The goddess Savitri came to the king with a smiling face and spoke to him as if a mother was speaking to her son. The entire region illumined with the lustre of Savitri.

Savitri said—О great king I am well aware of the desire of your mind; therefore I shall surely fulfil your as well as your wife’s desires.

The chaste lady desires for a daughter and you are desirous of having a son. The desires of both of you will be fulfilled.

Thus speaking, the great goddess returned to Brahmaloka and the king also returned to his abode. Thereafter a girl was born from the ray of goddess Lakshmi—who was given the name of Savitri.

The girl continued growing up like the moon of the bright fortnight and in a short time she became quite youthful. Thereafter Savitri accepted Satyavan as her husband, who was the son of Dyumatsena and was quite truthful and virtuous.

The king adorning his daughter Savitrl with all the ornaments gave her away in marriage to Satyavan. Both of them then went to the place of Satyavan pleasantly. After a year the truthful Satyavan, went to the forest with the permission of his father to collect fruits and roots and fire wood.

As a move of the destiny Savitri too accompanied him. There, in the thick forest Satyavan fell down from a tree and he died instantaneously.

О sage, Yama tied the Jivatama of Satyavan having the size of a thumb and proceeded on to his place. The chaste Savitri also started following him. When the self-disciplined and noble-minded Yama found Savitri who was extremely beautiful, following him, he then spoke to her in sweet words.

Yama said—О Savitri, where are you going with this human body? In case you want to accompany your husband you better put an end to the human body.

No one can reach the abode of Yama with the human body which consists of five elements (Earth, Water, Agni, Vayu and Akas’a). The time for your husband to stay on earth in Bharata has come to an end. Therefore I am taking Satyavan to my place to enable him to bear the fruits of his deeds.

Because one is bom as a result of his deeds and also meets with his end because of the same. He achieves pleasure and pain, danger and grief according to his own deeds. By his own deeds he once became Indras and also the sun of Brahma. He also becomes the slave of lord Visnu getting free from the cycle of birth and death. One becomes eternal and gets all the success because of his own deeds and he also achieves salvation from lord Visnu because of his own deeds.

A man achieves Brahminhood, salvation, godliness and becomes human or king because of his own deeds. By one’s own deeds, one becomes a sage, an ascetic, a Ksatriya, a Vaisnava, a Sudra, a Candala and Mleccha. There is no doubt about it.

By his own deeds a human being moves around and by his own deeds he becomes static. By one’s own deeds one becomes a moutnain, a tree an animal and a bird. Because of his own deeds one becomes an insignificant creature, an insect, a reptile, a Gandharva, a Raksasa, a Kinnara, a Yaksa and a Kusmanda, a Vetala, a Preta, a goblin, a Pis’aca and a Dakin!. He becomes with his own deeds, a Daitya, a Danava, a Asura and a noble soul or an evil spirit with his own deeds. Because of his own deeds he becomes beautiful, healthy, suffers from the disease and becomes blind, one-eyed and degraded.

By his own deeds the creatures go to Indraloka, Suryaloka, Candraloka, Agniloka, Vayuloka and Varunloka.

By his own deeds, one reaches the abode of Kubera, Dhruvaioka, Sivaloka, the constellations, Satyaloka, Janoloka, Tapoloka and Maharloka.

By one’s own deeds one reaches Brahmaloka and also takes birth in the land of Bharata which is desired by all.

Не achieves Vaikuntha and the sinless Goloka because of his own deeds. He achieves a long life on a short life because of his own deeds.

With his own deeds, he gets life as long as crores of kalpcis and short life by his own deeds. One gets short life for a moment because of his own deeds and also dies in the mother’s womb because of his own deeds.

О beautiful one, thus I have told you everything about all the tattvas. О daughter, your husband has died because of his own karma, therefore you better go back to your abode.


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