Brahmavaivarta Purana Brahma Khandam Chapter 35

The form of Lakshmi and the method of her adoration

Narada said— I have listened to the spotless glory of Lord Krishna and the story relating to the conversation between Savitri and Yama.

The reciting of his glory is truthful and the form of welfare. О lord, now I intend to listen to the story of Lakshmi.

О best of the Gods, who adored him first and before whom she appeared in the first instance and before whom she appeared in her true from in the earlier times. It is truthful to recite her face. Therefore, you kindly tell me all that.

Narayana said—О Brahman, in the earlier times at the beginning of the universe, she appeared from the left side of lord Krishna in the Rasamandala. She was extremely beautiful, quite pleasant, having stiff breasts and buttocks with a tender waist.

She was twelve years old, quite charming and had the complexion of a white jasmine flower. She was beautiful to look at, attractive, possessing the luster of crores of suns, galore of the moons of Saratpurnima on her face and her eyes resembled the grace of the lotus flowers of the summer season blossoming during the mid-day.

And because of the wish of the Lord she at once was divided into two bodies which were totally equal in tejas, glory, age, lustre, costumes, forms, ornaments, virtues, serene smiles, eye-sight, speech and sweet tongue besides being well-behaved.

The female form emerging out of her left side was known as Mahalakshmi and the one which appeared from the right side was known as Radhika.

At that point of time Radhika selected Lord Krishna possessing two arms only as her husband.

While Mahalaksmi also selected the beautiful husband because of the glory of both of them Lord Krishna who also appeared in two forms.

The form that appeared from the right side was having two arms only and the one that emerged from the left side had four arms.

Lord Krishna having two arms, had already entrusted Mahalakshmi to Mahavishnu having four arms.

The same goddess Mahalakshmi views the entire universe with loving sight and happens to be the best of the goddesses. She is therefore called Mahalakshmi.

Thus Lord Krishna having two arms happens to be the husband of Radhika and the four armed Mahavishnu happens to be the Lord of Lakshmi.

The two armed lord Krishna is surrounded by the cowherds and cowherdesses dwelling in Goloka. Thereafter the four armed lord Vishnu proceeded on to Vaikuntha together with Lakshmi. Thus Lord Krishna and Lord Narayana both are equal.

The same Goddess Mahalaksmi with the yogic practices took to many forms, remaining in Vaikuntha.

She is the best of the women having pure and sattva form, all fortunate and bestows love on all the women.

Similarly Lakshmi of heaven is the asset of Indra and the one possessed by the kings on earth as well as in the nether-world is called Rajalakshmi.

Lakshmi of the house is known as Grihalakshmi who bestows welfare and riches to all the householders.

She is Surabhl the mother of the cows, daksina of the yajna, Kamala of the ocean of milk and Sri in the lotus flowers.

She is the grace of the moon and the lustre of the sun. Similarly she also remains present in the ornaments, gems, fruits and the things bom of the water.

She also remains with the kings, the queens, the divine ladies in houses, the crops, the clothes, cultural fields, images of the gods, welfare pitchers, things made of gems, besides the garland of jewels and gems.

She appears in beautiful form in the best of the garments of gem and pearls, milk, sandal, beautiful branches of the trees and new clouds.

Thus first of all Lord Narayana had adored the Goddess in Vaikuntha, thereafter Lord Siva and Brahma followed her with devoted minds.

O sage, thereafter in the ocean of milk, Lord Vishnu adored her; while in the sacred land of Bharata, Svayambhuva Manu and other Gods adored her appropriately.

She was then adored by the ascetics, the sages, noble house-holders, besides the Gandharvas, the serpents in Patala.

О Narada, on the eighth bright day of the month of Bhadrapada, Brahma adored her with devotion and she was adored in the three worlds for a fortnight.

Lord Vishnu adored her in all the three Lokas with great devotion. For her devotion in the month of Chaitra, Pausa, Bhadrapada and Tuesdays are considered to be auspicious.

Manu adored her after the end of the rains, on the first day of the month of Pausa in his courtyard invoking Lakshmi, as a result of which she appeared in all the three lokas on that very day.

Thereafter, the king Marigala adored Mahalakshmi who happens to be the form of welfare.

Thereafter Kedara, Nila, Nala, Subala, Dhruva, the son of Uttanapada, Indra, Bali, Kasyapa, Daksha, Manu, Surya, the loveable moon, Kubera, Vayu, Yama, Agni and Varuna also adored her.

She was therefore adored by all the people at all the places and became the Goddess of riches and fortune.


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