Brahmavaivarta Purana – Brahma Khandam Chapter 4

Brahma Khandam Chapter 4

Emergence of Kamadeva, Rati and others

Sauti said : “Thereafter, from the tip of the tongue emerged a beautiful goddess who was spotless like the crystal, pleasant and quite glorious. She was clad in white garments and was holding a garland of victory in her hands. She was known as Savitrl. The chaste goddess stood before the lord with folded hands and she started offering her prayers to the lord with her neck cast downwards.

Savitri said : “You are the seed of all the creatures and are the flame of the eternal Brahman. I bow in reverence to you. The one who is beyond the reach of everyone, you are dark complexioned and spotless, Brahman. Saying this and smiling, Savitrl the mother of the Vedas, bowed before lord Hari, took her seat over the gem-studded lion throne.

Thereafter, out of the mind of Lord Krsna, a male deity having the lustre of molten gold, emerged, who could pierce through the minds of all with his five passionate arrows. That is why the well-read people call him the god of Love or Kamadeva.

From the back of the god of love, an extremely beautiful damsel who happened to be a paragon of beauty emerged. She could attract all the people. The mind of all the people felt attracted towards that beautiful damsel. She was therefore given the name of Rati.

Both of them bowed in reverence to lord Krs na and thereafter they took their seats over the gem-studded thrones. Kamadeva carried a bow of flowers and the arrows which were known as Marana, Stambhana, Jrmbhana, Sosana and Unmadana. In order to test the effectiveness of his arrows, Kamadeva shot all the five arrows at the same time. As a result of this all the people became passionate. Finding Rati there, the semen of Brahma fell but Brahma, the best of the yogis, concealed the same with his costumes out of shame.

Thereafter that costume was flown by the lord of fire with his rising flames like the tall tala trees. Finding the flames of fire rising, Lord Krs na created water with the mesas of his yogic powers. He then started dropping the drops of water with his breathing.

О Brahmana, with the drops of water emerging from his mouth, the entire universe was submerged in water. A few drops of that water extinguished even the fire. The fire was extinguished with that water ultimately. Thereafter with the touch of the water, the water god appeared in person who was given the name of Varuria. The water thereafter became the abode of all the aquatic animals.

Then a girl was bom out of the left side of the god of fire and was known as the wife of the god of fire. She was known by the name of Svaha, out of the left side of Varuna a girl emerged, who was known as Varunam, the spouse of Varuna.

The wind god was bom out of the breathing of the lord who indeed is the life of everyone. The air one inhales while breathing is reflects him indeed. A girl also emerged out of the left side of the wind god known as Vayavl, the spouse of wind.

Thereafter because of the arrows of love, the semen of Lord Krsna also fell but he placed the same in the water И that assembly. After a thousand years it emerged in the form of an egg. From that egg a gigantic universal form came out, which happens to be the base of the entire Universe. His single hair-pit could accommodate a complete universe. It is harder than the hardest and nothing else is bigger than it.

It happens to be the sixteenth amsa of Lord Krishna and is also known as Mahavisnu and who happens to be the base of all. He reclines in the waters of the ocean like the lotus leaf floating over the water surface. From out of way of his ears two demons were born.

Both the demons then intended to kill Brahma, but Narayana placing them over his thighs and killed them. The earth was bom out of their bodies, earning her the title of Medini. She accommodates the entire universe. She is also known by the name of Vasundhara.


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