Brahmavaivarta Purana Brahma Khandam Chapter 45

The story of Manasa Devi

Narayana said—О son of Brahma, I have narrated to you the stories of both the goddesses; now I tell you the story of Manasa which I had heard from the mouth of Dharma. You please listen to it.

The goddess was bom from the mind of Kasyapa and therefore she was known by the name of Manasa. She plays with the mind.

She adores the lord who happens to be the supreme-soul by devoting her mind to him by means of yogic practices. As such she shines in the universe with her yogic practices.

She is Vaisnavl and SiddhayoginI who by concentrating her mind performed tapas for lord Krsna for three yugas.

Thereafter Krsna the lord of go pis took the form of the sage named Jaratkaru, the compassionate one, with the intention of fulfilling her desire, made her adore the lord eternal.

She had extremely fair complexion in all the damsels of heaven, Ndgaloka, Brahmaloka and the earth; she was quite charming and beautiful, because of which she was adored in the universe as Jagatgauri. Since she happened to be the disciple of lord, Siva she was known as Saivi.

О Narada, since she was immensely devoted to lord Visnu, she was also known as Vaisnavi. It was she who protected the serpent from perishing in the serpent yajna performed by Janamejaya. Because of that, she came to be known as Nages’varl. Since she happened to be the sister of the Nagas, she is in a position to remove the ill-effect of poison. Since she has been performing the yoga of Siva she is known as Siddhayoginl. She is aware of the great secret knowledge and the method of reviving the dead back to life. Because of this the intellectuals call her as the one who possesses immense wisdom; she happens to be the mother of the sage Astika. Because of her being the mother of Astika she is known as Jaratkaru also. She happens to be the beloved of the great sage and ascetic named Jaratkaru who was held in high esteem in the universe.

Her mantra is ‘зд 44t ччгтш’. She is known by the twelve epithets of Jaratkaru, Jagatgaurl, Manasa, Siddhayoginl, Vaisnavi, NagabhaginI, SaivI, Nages’varl, beloved of Jaratkaru, mother of Astika, remover of poison and the one possessing immense wisdom. She is known by these twelve names and is adored the world over.

Therefore the one who recites these twelve names at the time of performing puja, he and his entire family is relieved of the danger of snakes.

Therefore when a person finds the danger of the snakes while sleeping or resides in a house infested with serpents, at the time of biting by snakes, while in the fort of the serpent or when one is entangled with the serpents round his body, the recitation of this stotra relieves one of all the dangers from the snakes. With the recitation of the stotra daily, the group of serpents flee from the place.

One meets with success after reciting this stotra ten lakhs of time. When a person achieves siddhi by reciting her mantra he remains alive even after consuming the poison which has no effect on his body. Such a person uses the snakes as the ornaments of the body besides using them as his vehicles. Such of the persons who achieves great siddhi use serpents as their seats and beds.


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