Brahmavaivarta Purana – Brahma Khandam Chapter 6

Brahma Khandam Chapter 6

Sri Krishna hands over Lakshmi to Narayana and spouses to other god

Sauti said, “Thereafter lord Krsna handed over to Narayana, LaksmI and Sarasvatl, quite gracefully, adorned with all the ornaments besides the precious garlands of gems and pearls. Similarly he handed over Savitrl to Brahma, Mtirti to Dharma, Rati to Kamadeva and the Beautiful Manorama to Kubera. Thereafter lord Krsna handed over the wives of all the gods. The one who emerged out of the body of a god was given over to the same god. Thereafter lord Krs na summoned lord Siva, the best of the yogis and said to him, “you better accept the goddess who rides on the lion.

Siva smiled on hearing the words of lord Krs na and he meekly spoke to lord Krsna.

Lord Siva said, “Like an ordinary man I am unable to accept (the goddess of) nature, because she is going to detract my mind from your devotion and would obstruct the path of serving you. She can overshadow the true knowledge; she is the door of the yogic practices, can suppress the desire for salvation. She is passionate and could increase passion in a person.

She can destroy the tapas, store of illusion; she is the strong base of the terrific worldly bondages; all leads to the evil ways, destroy of the noble ideas, always deprived of the noble path.

Because of this I need no spouse. I am desirous of seeking a boon as it suits my mind. You may kindly grant it, because the lord always grants the wishes of all.

Му devotion for you is always on the increase. I do not feel satisfied by serving you reciting the name of Rama.

While awake or asleep, I intend to recite your name with all my five mouths and wander in the universe.

For crores of kalpas I meditate on you. I was therefore never attracted towards passion.

By serving you, adoring you, reciting your name, I derive the divine pleasure. A short detraction from your meditation unnerves me. О Lord of the boons, in order to recite your qualities and your name, japam, klrtanam and to get engrossed in your beautiful form, to serve at your feet, bowing in reverence at your feet and to eat after offering you first, are the nine types of Bhakti (devotion) which may be granted to me, ”

О Brahmanas, those who are well aware of salvation and hell, to stay in the world, to achieve a stage equivalent to the lord and to get absorbed in him, are known as the six types of salvation.

То achieve the tiny or small fonns, to attain something, failure to express the desires, glory, attain godhood, overpower, to become free from all the desires, all knowledgeable, to be capable of listening to the words spoken at a long distance, vak-siddhi, getting all the desire fulfilled, capability of creation and destruction, to be eternal, to become the best or the foremost of all are known as the eighteen types of achievements. The yoga, tapas and all types of charities, vows, glory, truthfulness, fasting, visiting all the holy places and having a bath there, adoration at other sacred place, worship of Devas, cirucumambulation of the seven continents seven times, to have a bath at all the oceans, to visit all the heavens, the Brahmapada, Rudrapada, Visnupada and the Supremepada and all other things which are beyond the human thought do not equate with even the smallest particle of your glory.

On listening the words of the teacher of the yogis, lord Krsna smiled and pleasantly spoke the sweet words.

Lord Krsna Said, “O Siva, the best of the intellectuals, you serve me regularly during day and night, for a hundred crores of kalpas. О lord of the gods, you are the best of the ascetics, siddhas, yogis, intellects, Vaisnavas and the gods.

Overcoming death you became eternal. Therefore with my boon you achieve all the siddhis, knowledge of the four Vedas and the knowledge of all the four worlds, with the boon granted by one you would be able to witness the fall of innumerable Brahmas. О Siva, from today itself, you shall possess the intellect, glory, age, prowess, valour and strength like me, because you are dearer to me than my life even and there is no other person more devoted to me than you.

You are greater than my soul even. No one else is dearer to me than you. The sinners, foolish and un-enlightened people who denounce you, they suffer in terrific hell till the sun and the moon last. О Siva, you will achieve Prakrti after the lapse of a hundred crores of years..

Yon therefore comply with my truthful words. I shall not agree to your present request. О Siva, you will obey my words and you will perform according to your words when you accept Prakfti as your spouse and enjoy the love sports and the worldly pleasures with her for a divine thousand years. There is no doubt about the same. You are not a recluse alone, but you are an Is’vara as well like me.

The self bom Isvara has to perform at times as householder, a tapas and a yogi. The mental agony you have stated in relation to dwelling with a wife one gets only in company of the degraded ladies and not the chaste one. The one who is bom in a well-established family, has a spotless parentage and the one who abides by the family norms, such a lady serves her husband like a good son. Because for the ladies bom in the high families, the husband is the closest relative, the lord and the god even though he might be the degraded one, poor and the one devoid of all the riches. While the ladies bom in the lower class whose parents are not good nature, they become immoral indeed. Such women always denounce their husbands. The chaste lady who considers her husband even greater than both of us, she enjoys the company of her husband for crores of kalpas in the Goloka, О Siva, the Vaisnavl sakti shall bestow welfare on you while remaining in your company.

With my command you accept that chaste lady as your wife. Those who shall make the linga and yoni_from the earth of the holy places and worship the same, such people who have controlled all their senses, adore them in the prescribed style of Pancopacara, he resides with me in the Goloka for a crore of years. He never falls back from the Goloka and he ultimately becomes like us. Thus by making the linga from day, dust and ashes, collected from the holy places, adores it, dwells in the heaven for ten thousand kalpas. By adoring Sivalinga the noble people achieve the people, land, knowledge, sons, riches divine knowledge and salvation with the adoration of Sivalinga even an unholy place gets sanctified and even when a sinner dies at that place, he is carried to the place of Siva.

By repeating the name of Mahadeva thrice or the one who recites his name, all his misfortunes vanish.

The one who breathes our repeating the name of Siva, he is relieved of all the sins accumulated for the last several births and achieves salvation.

The word Siva devotes welfare and welfare leads to salvation. By reciting the name of Siva, one achieves welfare or salvation. This is the reason why Mahadeva has been given the name of Siva.

At the lord of the treasure and the close relatives, if the grief stricken recites the name of Siva he achieves welfare.

The word Siva consists of two letters which means the destroyer of sins and which means the one who bestows salvation. This is the reason why Siva is called the bestower of welfare and salvation. Those who always recite the name of Siva, are deprived of all the sins earned by them in the crores of births.

Lord Krsna, thus speaking to Siva, the holder of Sula, bestowed on him the hymn of Mrtyunjaya (The one that overpowers death) which was like the wish fulfilling tree. He then spoke to Prakrti, Durga who rides the lion.

Lord Krsna, said “O Damsel, you remain here with me for the present in the Goloka. After sometime you will serve lord Siva who bestows welfare on all.

You would appear from the tejas of all the gods, you shall kill the demons and shall then be adored by the gods.

Thereafter in Satyayuga in a particular kalpa you shall be bom as the daughter of Yaksa and then shall become the spouse of Siva. Thereafter you will end your life in the yajna of Daksa in protest against his denouncing Siva and shall be reborn as Parvatl from the womb of Mena, the wife of Himalaya.

You shall enjoy the company of Siva for a thousand years. Thereafter, you shall always be identified with your husband Siva.

О Goddess of all the gods, every year you will be adofed at appropriate times by the people in the winter season. You will be adored in all the villages and towns and you will be known by different names at different places.

At my command, you will be adored with the prayers and Tantras composed by Siva. 1 shall arrange for stotras and the kavacas for your sake, by which your devotees shall achieve great glory besides achieving dharma, artha and moksa,.

О Mother, those of the auspicious people who will adore you in the sacred land of Bharata vars a, their glory, popularity, devotion and riches shall go on increasing. Saying this lord Krsna, presented her and bestowed on her eleven mantras together with kdmablja. Each one of this mantra is the chief of the mantras

The lord then advised her of meditating in a formal way and thereafter the- ten-letter mantra (or Dasaksara) was projected before her. Side by side the things useful on earth like the Prowess, all the siddhis, which fulfil all the desires, the best of the knowledge of the elements, were also bestowed on her.

О Brahmanas, thus lord Krsna, gave away to Siva the Trayodasaksara mantra and also the kavacas with the stotras.

Then the knowledge of accomplishment (,siddhi-jnanam), the best of the knowledge of Tantras and mantras were also given away to Kamadeva, Agni, Kubera and the wind-god.

Thereafter mantras were also given away to Kubera and others. Then lord Krsna, who happened to be the creator of the creator, commanded Brahma the creator, for the creation of the universe.

Lord Krsna said, “O Lord of destiny, by performing tapas for me for several years, you create various types of creature in the universe”. Saying this Sri Krsna handed over a divine garland of gems to Brahma, lord Krsna then left the place accompanied by the cowherds and cowherdesses under the shade of the sandal tree.


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