Brahmavaivarta Purana – Brahma Khandam Chapter 5

Brahma Khandam Chapter 5

Establishment of the routine of the Goloka and emergence of Radha and other cowherdesses

Saunaka said : “Are the cows and the cowherdesses also available in the Goloka or are they imaginary? Please, tell me to remove my doubts.

Sauti said, “O Brahmana, the cows, cowherds and the cowherdesses reside in the initial creation, as I have already told you and they merge in the form of Krishna at the time of dissolution. In the beginning of the universe, only Maheshvara and Narayana alone are present. Both of them with the nature remain at the time of dissolution.

О Brahmana, I have narrated first of all the characters of the Brahmakalpa. I shall now describe the Varaha-kalpa and Padma-kalpa. You please listen to it. Because of the differentiation of Brahma, Varaha and Padma there are three types of kalpa. As the four yugas like Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali move in a chronological manner, similarly the kalpas too move accordingly. A divine yuga consists of three hundred and sixty yugas

A manvantara comprises of seventy-one divine yugas. After the passing of fourteen Manus, a day of Brahma is counted.

After the expiry of three hundred and sixty days, a year of Brahma is completed. Thus Brahma is believed to live for a hundred and eight years. The same period has been prescribed by Lord Krsna. The people well-versed in the scriptures have prescribed the age of Brahma, equivalent to a kalpa.

There are several small kalpas known as Samvarta. Markandeya is known to have lived for seven kalpas.

But this kalpa equates with a single day of Brahma. Therefore in the seven days of Brahma, Markandeya completes his age.

There are only three kalpas known as Brahma, Varaha and Padma. Now you listen to the creation of each one of these kalpas.

During the Brdhma-kalpa, the earth was created out of the bodies of Madhu and Kaitabha.

After the creation of the earth, the creator created the creatures on earth with the permission of the Lord Krishna.

In the Varnh- kalpa, the earth which had been submerged in water after dissolution Lord Visnu, taking the form of a boar, rescued the earth and the world was inhabited thereafter.

Thereafter in the Padma-kalpa the creator, created the universe seated over the lotus emerging from the navel of Lord Visnu. All the three worlds up to Brahmaloka were created by him and not the three lokas of the upper region.

I have told this story relating to the creation of the Universe. What else do you want to listen to?

Saunaka said : “After this, what did Krsna do and what other universe did he create? Please enlighten me about the same.

Sauti said : “Thereafter, Lord Krsna, the lord of Goloka, went to the place of the divine dance, after completing the above creation. The place of the divine dance was located in the beautiful grove of the kalpavrksas (or wish fulfilling trees). The Rasamandala was arranged in a circular fashion and looked quite charming (from a distance.)

It was decorated with the sandal-wood trees, aguru, kasturl and vermilion. The curd, boiled paddy, powdered barley and rice were showered over it. The sandal leaves tied in silken cord were serving as an item of decoration of the place. It was decorated with the trunks of the banana tree. Three crores of mandapas were decorated there with the best of gems illumining the earth. The lamps made of gems were lighted there. The place had the fragrance of flowers and incense.

A large quantity of cosmetics and perfumes was stored therein. Lord Krsna arrived there with all his companions. All of those present there were immensely surprised at the sight of the place.

At the same time, a girl emerged out of the left side of the Lord Krsna. She rushed at once and brought the flowers and she started offering them at every step of the lord.

О best of the sage, she was given the name of Radha by the intellectual because she was bom in the stage of dance and had started running about the lord.

She became the lady of the life of Krsna and she became dearest to him because she had emerged out of his own body.

She was youthful and of sixteen years of age. She was clad in the garment of the complexion of the molten gold. She was quite beautiful and youthful and a smile over her face.

She had extremely tender limbs. She was the best of all the beauties. She had developed breasts and the pelvic region. Her face was like the flower and the lips were red. She had the teeth like the pearls and her face possessed the lustre of crores of moons. Her eyes were beautiful and looked like the lotus of the winter season. Her nose was more beautiful than the beak of Garuda. Both her cheeks were shining like a mirror.

She was adorned with all the gem-studded ornaments which decorated her ears. The cosmetics like sandal-paste, aguru, kasturi, collyrium etc., were applied on her face which added to her beauty. Her well arranged hair was decorated with the jasmine flowers. The beautiful damsel had arranged her hair in a tuft.

Her walking was graceful. She wore the garlands of gems, the best of forest flowers, gem- studded armlets and anklets and several other ornaments of gems and precious stones. She talked to Lord Krsna and with his permission looking smilingly at the face of her lord she got herself seated over the gem-studded lion throne.

At the same time the cowherdesses emerged from her body, who were as beautiful as she was.

They were crores in number. They were all youthful. The intellectuals in Goloka have spelt out the number of Gopikas like this.

At that very moment, the cowherds also appeared from the body of Lord Krsna, who had a similar beauty and form.

The srutis pronounce that the number of the cowherds in Goloka is thirty crores.

At the same time several young cows also emerged out of the body of lord Krsna.

Which included the bulls and the cows of high breed of the lineage of Surabhl, besides the calves. Some of them were the Kamadhenu cows.

Lord Krsna gave away a beautiful bull which was quite strong resembled to crore of lions to lord Siva, to serve him as his mount.

Thereafter the geese were bom out of the feet of lord Krsna which included males and females. Out of those, the one who was the most beautiful was given over by the lord to ascetic Brahma.

The white complexioned horses emerged from the hole of left ear of the lord Krsna. The lord of the cowherdesses, delightfully gave away one of the white horses to Dharma, to serve him as his vehicle in the assembly of gods.

Thereafter in the assembly of gods from the hole of right ear of the lord a group of lions emerged which was very mighty and strong.

He handed over one of the lions to the goddess Durga, besides a boon and a garland of precious gems, in addition to a boon.

Krsna, the lord of the yogis, created fine divine chariots which were made of pure gems and which moved with the speed of the mind.

The height of each one of them exceeded a lakh of yojanas and the width was a hundred yojanas. Each chariot had a lakh of wheels which moved with the speed of the wind. Each one of them had a lakh of sport halls, make-up rooms and innumerable materials for consumption and the beds were innumerable. They were adorned with innumerable lamps and the horses.

They contained various types of paintings. They were further adorned with charming kalas’as (vases), the mirrors of gems, ornaments and the fly-whisks. Like the gold heated in the fire, costumes, the illuminating astonishingly beautiful garlands of gems, besides the gems, decorated the place.

О best of the Brahmanas, Lord Krsna then handed over a set of gems and ornaments each to lord Narayana and Radhika and the rest were kept by him for himself

Thereafter a Pingala purusa emerged out of the private parts of lord Krsna, together with others of his companions. Because of their birth out of the secret parts of lord Krsna, they were known as Guhyakas. The chief among them was later known as the lord of riches as well as the Guhyakas.

A girl was bom out of the left side of Kubera. That beautiful lady was subsequently known as the wife of Kubera.

The goblins, Pis’acas, evil spirits, Kflsmandas, Brahma-raksasas and Vetalas also appeared from the secret parts of the lord. О sage, then some attendants emerged out of the mouth of lord Kys na. They all held conch, disc, club and locus; and were clad in the yellow lower garment. They were four armed and were of dark complexion. All of them were adorned with the kirifa crowns, Kundalas and the gem-studded ornaments.

Lord Krsna gave away the four armed attendant to lord Narayana. Similarly the goblins, Pretas, were presented to lord Siva, while the Guhyakas were given over to Kubera.

Thereafter two armed attendants emerged out of the feet of lord Krsna. They had dark eomplexion and held the garlands of victory in their hands. The best of these attendants always were devoted to the feet of lord Krsna. Sri Krsna entrusted them with the duties of attendants. They emerged for faithfully serving the gods. All of them felt emotional with tears flowing out of their eyes and their speech was choked. Their minds were completely devoted to the auspicious and tender feet of the lord.

Terrific looking men holding tridents and patt isa also emerged out of the right eye of Lord Krs na. All of them possessed three eyes each and were adorned with crescent type of crowns over their heads. They were all of gigantic size and had no costumes on their bodies and illumined the place like dazzling fire flames. They were called Mahakala Bhairavas and resembled Siva in glory.

Rudra, the god of death, destruction, time, anger, terror, Mahabhairava and Khatvanga are known as the eight Bhairavas.

A terrific man was bom out of the left eye of lord Krsna. He held a trident, pattisa and a club.

He was clad in tiger’s skin. He was Digambara and Mahakaya and possessed three eyes. His head was adorned with the crescent crown and was known as Is’ana. He happened to be the leader of the Dikpalas.

Thereafter Dakinis and Yoginis emerged out of the nostrils of lord Krsna, besides hundreds of Ksetrapalas.

Then three crores of gods emerged out of his back side having the best and the divine appearance.


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