Brahmavaivarta Purana – Brahma Khandam Chapter 3

Brahma Khandam Chapter 3

The universe emerges out of Krishna; Narayana eulogies Krishna

Sauti said : “О Brahmana, the self bom lord found the Goloka had been looking horrible, the universe was a great void, devoid of all the creatures and the water, terrible, covered with darkness, deprived of trees, mountains and the oceans; defonned and had been deprived of the dust, metals, greenery and grass. The lord then contemplating in his mind deeply started the creation of his own accord.

All the virtues (elements) emerged at the beginning of the universe, from the right side of the great soul. The great tattvas, arrogance Pancatanmatras the form, taste, small, touch and sound then emerged out of him. Thereafter Narayana himself appeared having a dark complexion, clad in a yellow lower garment, having four arms holding conch, dies, club and lotus, wearing a serene smile over the face, adorned with the gem-studded ornaments, carrying the divine Sarnga-bow, wearing the kaustubha gem and the Srlvatsa mark on the chest, beloved of LaksmI, glorious, adored by Sri, the face having the lustre of the full moon of the winter season, the body having the beauty of the god of love, stood before the Lord Krsna and started eulogising him with both the hands folded.

Narayana said : “You are the best of all, adorable, bestower of the boons, the cause of granting the boon, cause of all the causes, form of all the actions, form of tapas, the one who always grants reward of the tapas, tapas and the lord of all the sages, having the dark complexion like the new cloud beautiful, free from desires, form of all the desires, remover of the cowardice, cause of the birth of Kamadeva (the god of love), truthful, lord of all, form of all the seeds, the best of all, the form of the Vedas, the seed of the Vedas, bestower of the result of the reciting of the Vedas, well-versed in the Vedas, well aware of the provisions of the Vedas, besides being the best of all the people well versed in the Vedas; I bow in reverence to him.

Saying this, Lord Narayana, seated himself over the gem-studded lion throne, at the command of Lord Krsna. Whosoever recites this stotra recited by Narayana with a devoted mind in the morning, noon and the evening, thrice a day, he is relieved of all the sins. By reciting this, those desirous of getting a son, get the same; the seekers of a wife get the same, the deposed kings get back the kingdom and whosoever is deprived of the prowers, gets the same. The person who is overpowered with miseries, is relieved of them with the reciting of this prayer. The one who recites this prayer for a year, is relieved of all ailments.

Here ends prayer of Krishna, offered by Narayana, in the Brahmavaivarta Purana

Sauti said : “Then from the left of his back side, five-faced Siva, having the lustre of a crystal, appeared. He was adorned with matted locks of hair having the complexion of heated gold. He wore a serene smile over his face, wore a crescent over his forehead, holding a trident in his hands, served by the siddhas with the garlands of victory, the teacher of the teachers and the yogis, the one who overpowers even death, bestower of welfare, blissful, possessor of great knowledge, the best of all and the bestower of the great knowledge, having the face illumined with the lustre of the full moon, pleasant to look at, the chief of the Vaisnavas and emitted the divine light. He then stood before Lord Krsna with folded hands and started praying. His entire body was filled with emotions; the eyes were filled with tears and his voice was choked.

Mahadeva said : “You are the form of victory, bestower of victory, cause of victory, the best of those who bestow the victory. I bow before you, О Lord. The one who is of the universal form, the lord of the universe, the cause of the universe, the support of the universe, pervading of the universe, the cause of the universe, the destroyer of the universe, the best of the seed of the creation of the universe, the cause of the fruit, bestower of the reward, form of the lustre, the granter of the lustre and the best of all those possesing the lustre.

Saying this, he bowed in reverence and with his permission, he took his seat over the gem- studded in order to converse with Narayana. The one who recites Narayana’s stotra by Siva, with concentrated mind, he achieves success at every step and all his desires are fulfilled. There is always an increase in his riches and the friends. The forces of his enemies, his miseries and sins get destroyed.

Here ends prayer of Sri Krishna, recited by Siva.

Sauti said : “At that point of time, from the navel of the Lord Krsna, the best and the illustrious, Brahma emerged, holding a kamandalu, seated over the lotus. He had white teeth and bright costumes. He was the best of the yogis, the lord of the artisans, creator of all, the teacher, bestower of the reward for performing the tapas, bestower of all the riches, the creator, destiny, performer of all the actions, remover of all the ills, holder of all, well-versed in all the four Vedas, calm, the lord of Sarasvatl, noble and merciful. He stood before Lord Krsna and offered his prayer to him. At that point of time he felt emotional and his neck was bent in devotion before the lord.

Brahma said : “I bow in reverence to Lord Krs na, who is beyond all the virtues, is known as Govinda alone, is indestructible, eternal, omnipresent, appearing in the form of a cowherd, appearing in tender age, calm, lord of cowherdesses, good looking, beautiful to look at, more beautiful than the lord of love, participating in the celestial dance with the cowherdesses in Braja, Rases’vara, the one who resides with the celestial dance and always eager to enjoy pleasure.

Thus saying, Brahma, bowing before Sri Krs na and with his permission took his seat besides Narayana and Siva. Whosoever recites the prayer offered by Brahma, all his sins vanish and the bad dreams turn into good dreams and he achieves the devotion of Govinda, which increases the sons and the grand sons. His ill- fame disappears and his fame lasts for long.

Here ends prayer offered by Brahma to Krsna in the Brahmavaivarta Purana.

Sauti said : “Thereafter out of the chest of Krs na, a divine figure of white complexion wearing the locks of hair over his heads. He wore a serene smile over his face. He was witness to all the deeds of all the creatures, was the knower of everything, who always remained unmoved, having good nature, devoid of anger and terror, filled with knowledge and Dharma, quite religious, religion of the religious people and was the great soul and the bestower of the reward. He then stood before Lord Krsna and then prostrated before him and started offering his prayer for him.

Dharma said : “Krsna, Visnu, Vasudeva, Paramatma, Is’vara, Govinda, extremely blissful, one is imperishable and grants the reward. He is lord of the cowherds, cowherd, protector of the cows, omnipresent, lord cf the cows and is the one who resides in the home of the cow. He bears the tails of the calves and lives amongst the cowherdesses. He is the chief of all, the best of the humans and the one who cannot be killed, sinless, dark complexioned, calm and is pleasant to look at I bow in reverence to him.

Saying this Dharma got up. Thereafter, with the permission of the lord, he took his seat with Brahma, Visnu and Siva. Whosoever recites the twenty-four names of the lord spoken by Dharma, early in the morning, he always attains happiness and pleasure besides being victorious. At the end he reaches the abode of the lord and attains his devotion. He always achieves Dharma and is never attracted towards sinful ways. He achieves the four elements of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksa. All the sins disappear at his very sight as the snakes disappear at the sight of Garuda.

Here ends prayer of Dharma for Krishna, recited in the Brahmavaivarta Purana

Then Sauti said : “At that point of time a beautiful girl emerged out of the left part of Dharma who resembled completely with LaksmI. She was known by the name of Murti. Thereafter, a female with white complexion emerged out of the mount of the lord, holding a book and a lute. She had the lustre of crores of suns. Her eyes resembled the lotus flowers of the winter season. She had bright costumes and was adorned with the bright gold ornaments.

She wore a serene smile on her face and she had beautiful teeth. She was the damsel of sixteen year’s age. She was the best of all the beauties in the universe and all the s’rutis, Sastras and the intelligence emerged out of him. She controlled the speech, the goddess, of all the poets, an incarnation of purity and was known as Sarasvati with a peaceful look. Standing before Krsna, she played on Vina, and then danced. She sang in praise of the lord, highlighting all the chief events of his earlier incarnations.

Sarasvati spoke •. “Being present in the divine dance, anxious to enjoy the pleasure of the divine dance, seated over the gem-studded throne, Rasesvara and the performer of the divine dance, the beloved of Radhika, lover of the divine dance and the one who enjoys the divine dance, I bow in reverence to him. The one who gets tired of the divine dance, but is still anxious to perform the divine dance. I bow in reverence to Lord Krs na who is quite pleasant to look at. Thus bowing before the lord, Sarasvati, with a mind filled with pleasure, got seated over a lion throne. The one who recites the stotra of Sarasvati, he would achieve wisdom, treasures, riches, intelligence and progeny.

Here ends prayer recited by Sarasvati, in favour of Krsna in the Brahmavaivarta Purana

Sauti said : “A fair complexioned lady also appeared from the mind of Lord Krsna, who was adorned with gem-studded ornaments. She was clad in yellow garments and wore a serene smile on her face. She was the goddess of all the riches and could grant all treasures. She was the gold complexioned LaksmI and remained as treasure with the kings. She stood before the lord and bowed in reverence to him. She then bowed her back in devotion and offered her prayers to the Lord.

MahalaksmI said : “You are the form of truth, its lord, seed of the truth the very foundations of the truth, knower of the truth and you are the cause of the truth. I bow in reverence to you.

You have the lustre of molten gold and illuminating all the directions with her lustre, the goddess LaksmI then took her seat, bowing before the lord. Thereafter Prakrti emerged out of the body of the lord who is adored by all the deities.

She having the lustre of the molten gold, was putting to shame the lustre of crores of Suns. He face wore the serene smile on her face. Her eyes resembled the lotus flowers of the winter season. She was clad in red costumes and was adorned with the gem-studded ornaments. All other goddesses like the goddess of sleep, lust, hunger, thirst compassion, faith and forgiveness, owe their origin to her, besides all other s’aktis. She is of terrific form with hundreds of arms and is also known as Durga who removes all miseries. She is the strength of the soul and is the mother of the entire universe. She holds a trident, a sword, a bow, arrows, conch, disc, club, lotus, vajra, kamandalu, arikus’a, pasa, bhusundl, danda, tomara, narayanastra, brahmastra, rudrastra, parjanyastra, varunastra, agneyastra and gandharvastra are held by her in her hands as her attributes. She, the chaste one, stood before Krishna and started reciting prayers to him.

Prakrti then spoke : “I am the nature, Isvarl, Sarvesvarl, possessing all the forms and omnipotent. The entire universe moves because of me.

You are not the exclusive creator of this universe, but you are its lord, the movement, protector, creator, destroyer and its creator again.

For the creation, you become the creator, the destroyer for distraction and even Brahma is bom out of you. I therefore bow in reverence and pleasure to the blissful one like you. О lord, Brahma fall from the grace with the fist twinkling of an eye. The one who can create crores of Visnu with the strength of his arms, who would be able to recite the glory of such a great personality like you.

Similarly you are competent enough to create innumerable moveable and immovable creatures, Brahma and other gods, besides the goddesses like me in the universe, quite playfully.

You have the complete form and I therefore bow in reverence to you. You possess the universal form which is the base of the universe in which resides the god of death. I bow in reverence to the great soul like you.

The one whose prayers are beyond the recitation of Brahma, Visnu, Siva, the Vedas and Sarasvatl and the one who is beyond the nature, I adore the same lord with reverence.

Even the best of the well-read persons besides Sarasvatl are unable to recite his glory. The one who is aimless and beyond attraction, who could eulogise him. Therefore I bow in reverence to the great lord.

Thus praying and bowing to Lord Krsna, the goddess Durga took her seat over the lion throne. Thereafter the gods eulogised the goddess Durga.

Thus the one who recites the prayer in the morning, composed by the goddess Durga in favour of Lord Krsna, at the time of adoration, he achieves victory and pleasure everywhere. The goddess Durga never deserts him. He attains glory in the ocean of the universe and ultimately he reaches the abode of Hari.


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