Brahmavaivarta Purana Brahma Khandam Chapter 29

The names of the pits of hell

Sri Narayana said—Yama the son of Surya imparted the knowledge of Vishnu mantra to Savitri and then started narrating the effects of evil deeds.

Yama said—You have gained knowledge of the results of performing noble deeds of various types. I am now narrating to you the results of committing evil deeds. You listen to me.

By perfonning good deeds a person achieves heaven and by resorting to evil deeds he falls into hell. There are several types of pits in the hell, the names of which have beem spelt out in the Puranas. О daughter, they are quite vast, deep, troublesome, horrible, terrific and henious.

In the city of the self-disciplined there are eighty-six pits which are well known in the Vedas. I am going to speak out their names which you please listen to attentively.

They are agnikunda, tapatkunda, the terrific ksarakunda, vitkunda, the kunda of urine, the kunda of cough, the kunda of poison, the kunda of eye-mud, the kunda of fat, the kunda of semen, nidrakunda, the denounced kunda of tears, the kunda of human refuse, the kunda of ear wax, the lainda of veins, the lainda of flesh, the kunda of nails, the kunda of hair on the body, a kunda of hair on head, the lainda of bones, the burning kunda and the kunda which burns like copper, the kunda burning like iron, the lainda with sharp thorns, the kunda of Dhanna, the kunda of boiling wine, the lainda having deadly poison, the kunda of sharp teeth, the lainda of insects, the kunda of puss, the knnda of snakes which is difficult to cross, the lainda of biting, the kunda of terrific poison, the kunda of scorpions having vajra like teeth.

О noble lady, there are also kundas of arrows, kundas of tridents, kundas of terrific swords, circular kundas, the kunda of tortoises, the kunda of crows, the sancala kunda, the kunda of eagles, the terrific kunda, the kunda of burning stones, the kunda of heart fluid, the kunda of swords, the kunda of terrific powder, the circular kunja, the vajra lainda, the tortoise kunda, the kunda of flames, the kunda of ashes and the kunda of bad smell. О beautiful one, similarly there creatures like burning sun, Asipatra, sharp edged, having a mouth of keen needles, lizard faced, having the face of a crocodile, having the face of an elephant, having the face of a cow, КитЪЫрйка, Kalsutra, Avatoda, Aruntuda, Pamsubhoja, Pas’avesta, Sillaprota, Prakampan, Ulkamukha, AndhalcUpa, Vedhans, Dandatadana, Jalabandha, Dehacilrna, Dalana, Sosana, Sarpajvalamukha, Jivha, Dhiimcindha and Nagavestana kundas are there.

О Savitri, These kundas are there to torture the sinners and several attendants keep guard over the sinners.

The terrific messengers of Yama holding the danda, sula, pas’a, sakti and gad a (club) move on intoxicated in a frightening manner and devoid of any compassion. They move out on all the four sides and are terrific to look at. They possess great lustre, are fearless and have the complexion of copper and yellow eyes. Resorting to yogic practices they move about taking to many forms. All the sinners have to face them in one form or other at the time death.

Such of the noble souls known as Saiva, Sakta, Saura, Ganapatyas, Punyatma and siddhas cannot be terrified by them.

Those who are devoted to their own dharma and are independent, unattached, brave and the fearless Vaisnavas do not have to face them even in dreams. О chaste lady, I have thus spoken out to you the number of the Kundas of the hell. I am now going to tell you about the sinners who are lodged in these Kundas you please listen to him.


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