Brahmavaivarta Purana Brahma Khandam Chapter 56

The defining of Radha Mantra

Parvati said -1 have listened to the astonishing method of worship and stotra but I would like to listen to her kavaca by your grace. You kindly tell me the same.

Mahesvara said – О Durga, the same was revealed to me by lord Krsna in Goloka in earlier times. It is quite an astonishing kavaca which I am going to tell you. You please listen to me.

It’s quite secretive, the form of eternal tattva, the combination of all the mantras by practising which Brahma achieved Savitrl, the mother of the Vedas.

By holding kavaca I happen to be your husband though you are the supreme goddess and the mother of the universe. By practising this Narayana obtained Mahalakshmi.

By holding this lord Krsna who is beyond Nirguna-prakrti and pervades everywhere, was able to create the universe.

By practising this, Visnu maintains the universe and he also achieved LaksmI, the daughter of Sindhu. By practising kavaca Sesa carries the globe on his head like a small seeds of Sinapis Alba. By practising which Mahavirat purifies the universe.

By practising and holding this, Dharma became a witness to all and Kubera became a president of the all wealth.

Indra, the god of the gods, by holding and practicing it is a lord of universe and Manu, the lord of the kings gets the lordship.

Holding this, splendid moon performed the Rajasuya sacrifice and by the reciting and holding the sun becomes the lord of three worlds.

By Holding and reading, the fire purifies the world and by this, the wind blows and purifies all three worlds.

By practising this the goddess of death roams about freely in the universe; by practising this Parasurama the son of Jamadagni relieved the earth of the Ksatriyas twenty one times. By practising this Agastya, bom of a vase, drank up the entire ocean. By practising kavaca Sanatkumara became the teacher of all the intellectuals and the sages, besides Narayana and attained perfection.

By practising this Vasistha the son of Brahma achieved all success. By practising this Kapila became the lord of the siddhas. Because of the Daksa Prajapati and Bhrgu are jealous of me. Kas’yapa carries Sesa and the wind god and Varuna became the base of all.

О Siva, by the strength of this, Tsana and Dikpalas rule everywhere, Kalagni Rudra destroys the universe; by practising this Gautama achieved success and Kas’yapa became Prajapati. Durvasa the best of the sages after the death of his wife married the daughter of Vasudeva, who was bom of the ariisa Radha. In earlier times, Rama achieved Janakl who was kidnapped by Ravana.

By holding this, in earlier times. Nala achieve DamayantI and the valorous Sathkhacuda became the lord of the demons.

О Durga by the grace of whom Nandi became our vehicle, Garuda became the vehicle of Visnu and by the strength of kavaca the sages achieved all the success.

By holding this MahalaksmI bestows all the riches, Sarasvatl became adorable of all and became well-versed in love-sport and Savitrl became the mother of the Vedas and Visnu achieved LaksmI the daughter of Sindhu on earth.

By holding this Tulasi was sanctified, Ganga became the purifier of the universe, Vasundhara became the goddess of the agricultural produce.

By holding this the goddess Manasa was adored by the universe and Aditi the mother of the gods achieved a son like Visnu. Lopamudra and Arundhatl achieved chastity and the chaste Devahuti achieved a son like Kapila.

Satampa achieved Priyavrata and Uttanapada as son and by whose grace your mother Mena achieved you as the goddess of the earth.

Thus all the siddhas achieved all the riches by that means. This is the kavaca which bestows happiness to a universe. Prajapati happens to be its Rsr, Gayatrl is the metre; Radha, the goddess of Kamadeva is the goddess and by it one can achieve devotion to lord Krsna.

It is to be revealed by a devotee of Krsna or a Brahmana because if some wicked person or a pupil reveals it, he meets with his end.

О dear, one can give away the kingdom and even his life but this kavaca should not be given away to anyone because lord Krsna recited it with his own mouth which I have witnessed with Brahma and Krsna in the Goloka. “Aum Radhayei Swaaha” This is the mantra which is like kalpavrksa and was recited by Lord Krishna to protect me. “Aum Hreem Shreem Radhikayei Swaaha” this mantra should protect my face, both the eyes and ears in all times to come. “Aum Shreem Hreem Radhikayei Swaaha” should protect my forehead and hair, “Aum Ram Radhayei Swaha” is the mantra which provides all success, should protect my cheeks, nose and face, “Kleem Hreem Krishnapriyayai Namaha” is the mantra
which should protect my neck.

“Aum Ram Raseshwaryei Namaha” should protect my shoulders, “Aum Ram Raasavilasinyei Swaha” should protect my back.

“Vrindavan Vilasinyei Swaha” should protect my chest. “Tulasi Vanavasinyei Swaha” should protect my pelvic region.

“Aum Sri Krishna Pranadhikayei Swaha” this mantra should
protect my feet always, besides all the limbs.

Radha should protect the eastern direction, Krs napriya should protect my north-eastern direction, the southern direction should be protected my Rasesvarl. The south-east direction should be protected by Gopisa.

The southern direction should be protected by Nirguna, the north-west direction should be protected by Krsnapujita and the north direction should be protected by Isvari, the Mulaprakrti.

The north-east direction should be protected by SarvesVari and the space, sleep and awakening should be protected by Sarvapfljita. The mother of Mahavisnu should protect me always from all sides. О Durga, I have explained to you the kavaca named Jaganmangala, the knowledge of which cannot be imparted to anyone because it happens to be the most secret of all the secrets and I have told you about it only because of my love for you.

After giving away clothes, ornaments and adoring the preceptor with sandal-paste in a proper manner, one should wear this kavaca around the neck or the right arm. The one who wears the kavaca equates himself with Visnu.

This ceremony is called parvan. Parvatl is conceived to be its supreme goddess as she was bom out of the mountain. And because of that, she is called Parvatl, the great goddess; the word Sana is used for all the times and TanI stands for extension; therefore she is called SanatanI (eternal) because she remains present at all the times. One meets with success of this kavaca after reciting it for a hundred lakhs of times. In case one achieve success in the siddhi of this kavaca he can never be burnt alive.

О Durga, in the earlier times the king Duryodhana had over-powered water and fire by means of this kavaca. In the earlier times, I imparted the knowledge of this kavaca to Sanatkumara at Puskara-ksetra\ it was given over to Sandlpani at the time of solar eclipse and Sandlpani imparted this knowledge to Balarama and Balarama in turn gave it out to Duryodhana. With the grace of this kavaca one is relieved of the bondage of birth and death.

If a devotee of Radha recites with devotion the Radha mantra regularly, he becomes in turn like Visnu earning the merit of performing the Rajasiiya-yajn a.

Thus a person earns the merit of taking a bath in all the sacred places, performing all the charities, performing all the vratas and fasting, taking a round of the earth, performing all the yajnas, protecting truth always, adoring lord Krsna regularly after consuming his naivedya and the reciting of all the four Vedas. One gets all these merits by the recitation of this kavaca.

At the gateway of the king, in cremation ground, in the forest infested with lions and tigers, wild fire, misfortune, danger from thieves and decoits, prisons, hour of great misfortune, arrests and attracting serious ailment, one is freed from all these with the reciting of the mantra.

О Durga, Mahes’vari, whatever I have told you, it all belongs to you because you are the form of everything and you are just putting a question playfully.

Narayana said -Thus with the reciting of the story of Radhika and the name of lord Krsna again and again, lord Siva became emotional and his eyes were wet with tears. Because there is no one else better then lord Krsna. There is no river more sacred then Gaiiga, there is no place holier than Puskara-ksetra and there is no one better then a Brahmana.

О Narada, as there is nothing smaller than the atom, no one greater than Mahavisnu and on one as vast as the sky, similarly there is no one more knowledgeable than a Vaisnava and there is no greater yogi than Siva. О Narada, Siva has over powered passion, anger, grief and illusion. Lord Siva always recites the name of lord Krsna, therefore Siva is equated with Krsna. Thus there is absolutely no difference between Siva and Madhava. О son, as Sambhu is the best of the Vaisnavas, Madhava is the best of the gods similarly this kavaca is the best of all the kavacas.

In the word, Siva, Si stands for welfare and Va stands for the one who grants the welfare. Therefore, Siva is conceived to be the one who grants welfare.

The one who bestows welfare on all human beings is called Sankara and welfare is also taken to be salvation.

The one who is the best of all the gods including Brahma and is the best of all the sages well-versed in the Vedic knowledge, is called Mahadeva. In the entire universe Miilaprakrti also known as Isvarl is adored by all the gods and by her lord who is called Mahadeva.

He happens to be the lord of all the creatures in the universe and intellectuals and is called Mahesvara. О son of Brahma, you are quite graceful because Mahesvara bestows the devotion of lord Krsna. Therefore why do you ask me all this?


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