Brahmavaivarta Purana Brahma Khandam Chapter 63

Talk between Durga and Vaisya

Narada said – О Narayana, О virtuous one, О best of the possessor of knowledge of the Vedas, how did the king adore Durga?

How did the Vaisya named Samadhi adore Durga and at her advice the Nirguna-Brahmana?

What are the details of the method of adoration, dhyanam, mantra, stotra and kavaca given by the sage to the king?

And what type of divine knowledge was imparted by Durga to Vaisya and by which method she appeared before both of them?

After achieving the divine knowledge what was the stage achieved by the Vais’ya and the king separately? You kindly tell me.

Sri Narayana said – The king and the Vaisya, after receiving the mantra, stotra, kavaca and dhyanam of the goddess from the Medhas Rsi, went to Puskara-ksetra and performed tapas there; they used to take a bath thrice a day and performed pUja and achieved success after a year.

At that point of time Durga who happens to be the Mulaprakrti appeared before them in person. The king got back his kingdom and also achieved the position of Manu besides all the worldly pleasures. The Vaisya, on the other hand, achieved the divine knowledge from the goddess which was earlier imparted to lord Krs na by Siva. The merciful goddess lifted up Vais’ya, who had become quite lean and thin, because of fasting and whose breathing had stopped making him senseless and said to him, “O son, you get up and regain consciousness.” Thus speaking again and again, he started crying. Thereafter the goddess herself brought him back to life and the Vaisya regained consciousness. He then started crying before the goddess. The merciful goddess, becoming pleased with him, spoke to him affectionately.

Prakrti said – О son, you ask for your desired boon. Whether you desire to achieve Brahmanahood or eternal life or anything else which is more difficult for you to get but you will not achieve the position of Indra, of Manu or any of the successful positions, which will be too small for you, which are quite perishable and are meant only for children alone.

Vaisya said – О mother, I don’t aspire for Brahmanahood or etemalship and the position better than these is unknown to me. I have taken refuge with you, kindly grant me a boon which should result in my achieving the imperishable and the essence of all.

Prakrti said – There is nothing which cannot be granted to you. Therefore, 1 bestow upon you the position which is desired by me. By this you will obtain Goloka which is quite difficult to achieve.

О son, I am bestowing upon you the essence of the divine knowledge which is quite difficult to achieve and by which you will reach the abode of the lord.

There are nine types of adoration prescribed for the Vaisnavas which include reciting the name of the lord, offering salutation, performing dhyanam, adoration, reciting of the glory, listening to his glory, deep thinking on him, serving him, to make all the prayers to him. This relieves one of the birth, death, old age, ailment and punishment from Yama.

The sun reduces the age of the person daily who are deprived of the nine types of adoration mentioned above and are wicked by nature.

Such of the Vaisnavas devotees who are engrossed in the adoration of lord Visnu, live longer and after getting free from the birth and death, are also relieved of all their sin. Siva, Ses a, Dharma, Brahma, Visnu, Mahavirat, Sanatkumara, Sanaka, Sananda, Vodhu, Sanatana, Bhrgu, Marlci, Lomasa, Sukra, Vasist ha, Brhaspati, Kardama, sakti, Atri, Parasara, Markandeya, Bali, Prahlada, Ganes’vara, Yama, Siirya, Varuna, Vayu, Moon, Agni, Akupara, Ulflka, Nadljangha, Hanuman the son of the wind-god, Nara and Narayana, KQrma, Indradyumna and Vibhlsana were all the followers of Navadha-Bhakti by the grace of lord Krsna. They are all free from the birth and death and are devoted to the lord.

О lord of all the riches, whosoever is devoted to the lord, they become his rays and because of that they are always free from the birth and can relieve all the sacred places of the earth of sins.

Of the seven lokas of the heaven, all the seven islands of the earth and the nether regions comprise of the globe.

О son, the number of globes is beyond counting and in each and every globe Brahma, Visnu and Siva besides other gods always remain.

All other gods, sages, Manu, humans and others are connected with the illusion of the lord.

All the globes are enshrined in the hair-pits of lord Mahavisnu. The same Mahavirat is the sixteenth ray of lord Krsna.

Therefore one should always recite the name of lord Krsna who is the form of truth, eternal Brahmana, all-pervading, devoid of gunas, infallible, beyond Prakrti and Tsana. The lord who is invisible, formless, spotless without blemish, devoid of desires, without obstructions, blissful, eternal, moving according to his own will, the form of all, takes to human form for the sake of the devotees, glorious, bestower of all the riches, difficult to achieve even by Siva and other yogis, difficult for adoration, lord of all, adored by all, the one who fulfils the wishes of all, the base of all, bestower of all the dharmas, the form of all, all knowledgeable, the fonn of Puranas, the form of all the dharmas, the cause of all the causes, who bestows pleasures and moksa and is the essence of all, bestows the best of devotion, bestower of slavehood of Krsna and dharma, the one who provides success to all the noble people and without him all other things have no base and are artificial.

О son, you achieve lord Krsna blissfully which is beyond everything, is pure, complete and is the form of welfare.

The one who receiving the two letter mantra of Krsna which bestows slavehood of lord Krsna achieves success. You, therefore, go to the holy place of Puskara and recite this mantra ten lakhs of times. You will then achieve success. Thus speaking the goddess Bhagavatl disappeared from the scene. О sage, thereafter the Vaisya, after offering salutation to the goddess, went to the Puskara-ksetra and performed tapas there vigorously. Thereafter he achieved lord Krsna and by the grace of the goddess he became the slave of lord Krsna.


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