Brahmavaivarta Purana Brahma Khandam Chapter 59

Brhaspati Travels to Kailasa

Narada said – What did Brhaspati do after the abduction of Tara? How did he get her back? You kindly tell me.

Sri Narayana said- When Brhaspati realised that Tara who had gone for a bath to the river had not returned for long, he sent one of his disciples to the bank of the Gatiga to search for her.

О sage, the disciple went there and he heard the news from the very mouths of the people there. He returned from the place and while crying narrated the story of the abduction of Tara to his teacher.

The sage Brhaspati, on realising that his dear Tara had been abducted by Candrama, fainted.

After sometime, he regained consciousness and expressing his heart-felt grief with his pupil he started crying with grief and shame. He lamented with grief and shame unceasingly.

Thereafter addressing the disciple he spoke out the words which were sanctified by the Vedas. With his words all the pupils were grief- stricken and tears started flowing from their eyes.

Brhaspati said – О sons, who has cursed me like this? I am not aware of any reason for the same because misfortune comes only to a person who acts against dharma. There is no doubt about it.

A house which there is no chaste lady speaking sweet words, one should leave that house and retire to the forest, because for him the forest and the house would be alike.

Не whose beloved wife is abducted by someone, should retire to the forest because for him the house and the forest would be the same.

Alas! The one from whose house a chaste lady departs, he should at once go to the forest because for him the forest and the home are similar. By the turn of destiny if the chaste wife of someone is abducted, he should go to the forest because for him there is no difference between the forest and the home. The one in whose house there is no mother or a disciplined wife, for him the forest and the house are alike and he should therefore leave for the forest. A house in which there are enough of people and riches but has no beloved wife, he should go to the forest because for him the forest and the house are alike.

A house without a wife is like a forest and the house in which the house wife stays can be called a house in reality because the wife only represents the house and the house alone cannot be called a house.

Therefore a person without a wife is considered to be unchaste for performing the rites of manes and whatever actions are performed by him during the day are of no consequence.

As the fire without the flames, the sun without the lustre, the moon without the shine, the human without the strength, the body without the soul, the person without the base, similarly Isa without Prakrti is of no consequence.

О Brahmana, as the yajna is of no consequence without daksina so the main part of the yajna becomes infructuous without the material for performing yajna.

Or the goldsmith is unable to perform without gold or a potter is unable to create vases without clay, similarly a household is of no consequence without its supreme goddess (the house wife). Without the house wife, he is unable to perform his household duties.

Because all the actions in a household can be complete only with the help of the house wife alone. All the houses become alive with the presence of the house wife. Therefore the householder achieves pleasures only through the house wife.

One achieves pleasures only by means of the house wife and all the welfare eminates from her. Therefore the house wife represents the entire universe. Pleasure also is derived from the house wife. As a chariot is driven by the charioteer, similar is the case with the household. As the charioteer drives the chariot similarly the household is run by the house wife.

Therefore the house wife happens to be the best of all the jewels. She should be taken away from the lower races by the house holder. This has been ordained by Brahma.

As the lotus loses its lustre without the water, similarly the householder has no grace without the house wife.

Thus speaking the sage Brhaspati went inside the house and at once he came out from the same. In utter grief he behaved like this again and again. He repeatedly fainted and regained consciousness. Having been reminded of the qualities of his beloved, he started crying again and again.

Thereafter, the senior pupils of the sage Brhaspati and other sages consoled him. Thereafter he went to the abode of Indra.

Indra welcomed him and after adoring him enquired about his welfare. The teacher Brhaspati narrated his entire story to him which was pricking his heart like a nail.

On hearing the words of Brhaspati, the eyes of Indra became red with anger. In anger his lips started fluttering and he spoke to the sage.

Mahendra said – I am deputing a thousand messengers to find out the whereabouts of Tara. These messengers are quite competent and can find out all the secrets.

I shall make them move on from place to place, wherever the wicked Candrama might be resting with my mother Tara.

О great sage, you free yourself from all the worries. Everything will be well done. This misfortune is indicative of some great welfare because without facing misfortune one cannot achieve grace.

О sage, thus speaking, Indra at once deputed a thousand of his messengers who were quite competent in all respects.

Those messengers went on searching in all the places in the universe and returned after a hundred years and met Indra. They said Candrama is residing in the abode of Sukra quite happily together with Tara. Getting terrified of the gods he has taken refuge with Sukra. Thus the messengers informed Indra accordingly.

On hearing the words of the messengers, Indra cast his head downwards and feeling disturbed at heart spoke to Brhaspati.

Mahendra said – О lord, listen to me, whatever I am telling you and its results will be quite pleasant. О fortunate one, you shed away all your fear. Everything will be all right. Neither have you conquered Sukra nor I have conquered the demons; Candrama has gone to Sukra taking only these things into consideration.

Therefore you move along with us to Brahmaloka and taking Brahma with us we shall move on to Siva. Thus speaking Mahendra getting agitated in his mind, went to Brahmaloka which was quite pleasant to look at together with Brhaspati.

Meeting Brahma there, both Indra and Brhaspati bowed in reverence to him. Both narrated details of their sufferings to Brahma, the lord of the gods.

On hearing the words of Indra, Brahma spoke smilingly the words, which bestowed welfare and were quite appropriate to the occasion.

Brahma said – Lord Krsna who happens to be the ruler of the universe, punishes such a person himself who causes endless pain to others.

I am the creator of the universe. The eternal Visnu preserves it and Rudra-Siva destroys the universe. Siva also bestowed welfare. Dharma conducts himself as a witness to the deeds of all the people and all other gods perform their respective duties according to the desire of lord Krsna.

Angira had three sons named Brhaspati, Utathya and Samvarta, who had control their senses and were well-versed in the Vedas.

Angira did not give anything to Samvarta his youngest son, who became a recluse and was always engaged in the adoration of lord Krsna.

Utathya the middle son abducted with evil intentions the wife of his own brother who has pregnant and devoid of passions. The one who abducts the passionless wife of his own brother, earns the sin of a thousand Brahmahatyas; there is no doubt it.

He has to remain in the kumbhipaka hell till the sun and the moon last; because the one who abducts the wife of his own brother is treated like the one who defiles the chastity of his own mother. Thereafter, he becomes an insect of the refuse and has to suffer for a thousand crores of years as a great sinner. О Indra, thereafter he is bom as a germ of the Vagina of a wicked woman.

Thereafter for a thousand crores of years, he is bom as a vulture; for a hundred births, he remains as a dog and because of the sin of the abduction of his brother’s wife he has to be bom as a pig for a hundred births.

If a powerful brother deprives his own younger brother of his legitimate dues he has to fall in the kumhhlpCLka hell and remain there till the sun and moon last, because a deed cannot vanish without facing its result thereof even after a hundred crores of years. Therefore one has to face the result of a good or bad deed performed by him.

Brhaspati is the son of lord Siva who happens to be the teacher of the universe therefore we should narrate the entire story to him; You get ready with their vehicles and go to the bank of Narmada and stay there. We shall follow them. Brhaspati should go to Kailasa.

Mahendra said – How could Siva who had overcome the death, be the teacher of Brhaspati who was well-versed in the Vedas and the best of the yogis? Because Angira happens to be your son and Brhaspati is bom out of Angira. О lord, you are the best of intellectuals. Therefore, you tell me how the father of the teacher could become the pupil.

Brahma said – О Indra, this story which is of a secret nature has been told in the Purana and therefore, I am revealing the same to you. You listen to me.

In earlier times, the wife of Angira produced children who died in tender age. She therefore performed the vrata of lord Krsna.

Sanatkumara made her perform the Punsavana vrata in a proper manner. Thereafter lord Krsna who is quite merciful, compassionate, moves according to will, eternal Brahmana, graceful to the devotees and takes to human form for their welfare, descended from the Goloka and spoke to the wife of Angira, who was adoring him with her eyes filled with tears.

Sri Krsna said – О daughter, you receive the fruit of this vrata which contains my tejas. You eat it up and with my blessing a son will be bom to you with my rays. He will be the lord of the gods and their teacher besides being the best of the intellectuals. О chaste lady, with my blessing, Brhaspati would be bom to you as a son.

Whosoever will be bom with my boon will be known as my son. Therefore my son will be bom out of your womb who will enjoy a long life. The son who was bom of the boon of lord Krsna, was seventh known as Brhaspati and other two bom from knowledge and sacred verses.

Thus speaking Krsna the lord of Radhika went back to Goloka. Therefore this great intellectual happens to be the son of lord Krsna who is the best of intellectuals and a teacher as well. Lord Krsna had given the great knowledge of overpowering the death initially to Siva. He performed tapas on Himalaya for three lakh of years, as a result of which the lord was pleased and he bestowed his entire yogic knowledge, the lustre and Visnumaya to him, besides the bull as his vehicle. He also handed over his own trident, kavaca and the twelve letter mantra. Thereafter Siva adored the compassionate lord Krsna in the Kailasa and Visnumaya started living as the beloved of Siva as his spouse. She happens to be the eternal strength of Narayana. The eternal goddess emerged out of the tejas of all the gods and destroyed the demons, re-establishing all the gods in their respective places. She happened to be the Mdlaprakrti and after sometime, she emerged in the house of Daksa as his daughter. She sacrificed her body in the yajna of her father in protest against the denouncing of her husband. She was reborn as the daughter of Himalaya. The same chaste Sankarl adored lord Krsna and thereafter achieved Siva as her husband. Therefore lord Krsna the great soul happens to be the teacher of lord Siva. Brhaspati himself is the blessed son of lord Krsna and accordingly Brhaspati the teacher of the gods, happens to be the Guruputra of Siva. Thus I have narrated to you the traditional story about the same, which you please listen to from me.

Durvasa and Garuda happen to be the rays of Siva and the disciples of Angira. Thus Brhaspati happens to be the Guruputra of Siva and because of the curse of Daksa, as the death of Satl, Siva forgot himself in illusion. With the inspiration of lord Krsna, Angira made him realise his worth and accordingly Angira happens to be the teacher of Siva. Therefore Brhaspati himself should go to Kailasa and all the gods should go to the bank of Narmada collectively.

О Narada, Brahma the creator of the universe kept quiet after speaking thus. Thereafter Brhaspati went to Kailasa and Mahendra reached the bank of Narmada.


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