Symptoms of a complication related to foreign body ingestion

Symptoms of a complication related to foreign body ingestion

Respiratory symptoms suggest entrapment of the foreign body in the hypopharynx, trachea, pyriform sinus, or Zenker diverticulum (see [CR] ). Sharp objects may penetrate, obstruct, or perforate the esophagus or intestine, presenting with chest, neck, or abdominal pain that varies from mild discomfort to symptoms and signs of acute abdomen. Injury to the esophagus can lead to hematemesis, fever, tachycardia, neck swelling, and crepitus. Excessive drooling and inability to swallow saliva suggest complete esophageal obstruction. Abdominal distention, vomiting, and hyperactive bowel sounds suggest intestinal obstruction. Hypoactive or absent bowel sounds, guarding, rebound, and abdominal pain are seen with wall penetration or free perforation. Aortoenteric fistula caused by ingestion of a sharp foreign body may cause massive hematemesis.


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