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The genesis of SeekHealthZ has been with a vision to provide daily, authentic, reliable, good quality, easy and accessible information on health, prevention of disease risk, health education and better quality of life as “Health is a human right and a core element in people’s well-being and happiness”.

We strongly believe that knowing about health, and actually supporting and protecting it, is being stressed as one of the priorities of basic education. SeekHealthZ devotes its attention to bring forth the most credible, accurate and the latest information including the news on health and well-being with the help of our team of professionals and experts in the SeekHealthZ Editorial Board based on original references.

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, rather than merely the absence of disease or defect”. SeekHealthZ focuses on positive health, recognizes the need for health awareness and assist you and your family to actively develop and protect the physical, mental and social health.

All reasonable precautions have been taken by SeekHealthZ to verify the authenticity and the accuracy of the information in the website.

We endeavour to carry out a reform in Health information, Health Enhancement and Health Education and make you feel good as it will result in an optimistic, resilient, and socially connected “YOU”.


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