Virasana (Hero Yoga Pose) – 12 Benefits

What is Virasana ( Hero Yoga Pose )

In this asana, you assume the pose of a seated warrior.

Vira in Sanskrit means“hero” or “warrior.”

Regular practice of this asana helps to develop your strength and endurance. The asana stretches the chest and increases your capacity for deep breathing.

Benefits of Virasana

  1. Eases stiffness in the shoulders,neck, hip joints, knees, and groin
  2. Alleviates arthritis of the elbows and fingers
  3. Relieves backache
  4. Reduces the pain of broken, deviated, or fused tailbones
  5. Corrects herniated discs
  6. Improves circulation in the feet
  7. Relieves calcaneal spurs
  8. Reduces inflammation in the blood vessels of the legs caused by standing for long periods
  9. alleviates pain or inflammation in the knees and tones knee cartilage
  10. relieves gout and rheumatic pain
  11. tones the hamstring muscles
  12. strengthens the arches of the feet, and relieves pain in the calves, ankles, and heels


  • Injury of the ligaments of your knee avoid steps
  • Heart Diseases
  • If you experience cramps in the legs while practicing this asana, stretch your legs out in Dandasana
  • avoid practicing this asana if you have a headache, migraine, or diarrhea.


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