Dandasana (Staff pose) – 11 Benefits

What is Dandasana (Staff pose)

Dandasana is the basic sitting pose for all forward bends.

Danda means a “staff” or “walking stick” in Sanskrit

Regular practice of this asana improves your posture when seated.

Your legs are rested during this asana, and it is recommended for people with
arthritis or rheumatism of the knees and ankles.

Benefits of Dandasana

  1. Relieves breathlessness, choking,and throat congestion in asthmatics
  2. Strengthens the muscles of the chest
  3. Tones the abdominal organs and lifts sagging abdominal walls
  4. Reduces heartburn and flatulence
  5. Tones the spinal and leg muscles
  6. Lengthens the ligaments of the legs
  7. Improves digestion
  8. tones the kidneys
  9. Helps prevent sciatic pain
  10. stretches and activates the muscles of the legs
  11. Prevents fatigue in the feet by stretching the muscles of the feet


  • If your spine has a tendency to sag
  • if you are experiencing a severe attack of asthma,
  • In such situations, practice this asana with the length of your spine supported against a wall.
  • Bronchitis
  • breathlessness
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • ulcers
  • bulimia
  • Premenstrual stress
  • Practice the asana with your back supported by a wall.
  • practice against a wall during menstruation.


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