Symptoms of pancreatitis panniculitis and polyarthritis syndrome

clinical features of the pancreatitis, panniculitis, and polyarthritis (PPP) syndrome? 

PPP syndrome is a systemic syndrome occurring in some patients with pancreatitis or pancreatic acinar cell carcinoma. Its clinical manifestations can be remembered by the following mnemonic:

  • = Pancreatitis
  • = Arthritis (60%) and arthralgias, usually of the ankles and knees (synovial fluid is typically noninflammatory and creamy in color as a result of lipid droplets that stain with Sudan black or oil red O)
  • = Nodules that are tender, red, and usually on extremities (frequently misdiagnosed as erythema nodosum but really are areas of lobular panniculitis with fat necrosis)
  • = Cancer of the pancreas (a more common cause than pancreatitis)
  • = Radiologic abnormalities caused by osteolytic bone lesions from bone marrow necrosis (10%)
  • = Eosinophilia
  • = Amylase, lipase, and trypsin released by the diseased pancreas (causes fat necrosis in skin, synovium, and bone marrow)
  • = Serositis, including pleuropericarditis, frequently with fever

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