Swastikasana (Cross legged pose) – 17 Important Benefits

What is Swastikasana (Cross legged pose)

  • In Sanskrit, swastika means “auspicious” and “well-beingness.”
  • This asana is one of the basic poses of yoga and symbolizes its meditative spirituality and physical rigor.
  • Regular practice improves blood circulation in the legs.
  • This asana is highly recommended for those who have to stay on their feet for long periods.
  • This asana is an awesome Meditation pose
  • Swastikasana also calms and rejuvenates the mind.

Benefits of Swastikasana

  1. Rests tired feet and legs
  2. Greatly improves the function of the back bone
  3. Swastikasana is a wonderful stretch for runners
  4. This pose stretches the lower body including the hamstrings and gluteus muscles
  5. Reduces inflammation of the veins in the legs
  6. Makes the hip joint and groin supple
  7. Enhances the Spinal alignment
  8. Strengthens the cartilage of the knees and relieves pain in the knees
  9. Improves circulation and reduces inflammation in the knees
  10. Rejuvenates the mind
  11. Induces the calmness and the clarity as this asana aims to focus on the third eye
  12. Since the torso is stretched, this pose helps in the overall efficient function of all the internal organs.
  13. Reduces the strain on the muscles
  14. Decreases the load on heart
  15. Increases the concentration power
  16. Swatikasana is a choice of meditation pose for people who find it difficult to sit in classical poses like Padmasana and Siddhasana.
  17. Stretches the spine and strengthens the back

Step wise Instructions on how to do Swastikasana

Step 1

  • To begin with, comfortably sit in Dandasana
  • Then Stretch your spine slowly and open your chest
  • Try to bend your knees
  • Then place your right foot beneath your left thigh and your left foot under your right thigh

Step 2

  • Now Cross your legs
  • Place your hands on your knees with your palms facing up
  • Keep your both fingers together
  • Your neck and spine needs to be straight
  • Do not tense your neck and spine.
  • Hold the pose in this state for 30–60 seconds.
  • Repeat the pose on the other side.

It is very easy to maintain this asana for 10 minutes after continous practice of this pose for 10 to 12 days.

If you wish, you can increase this time of 10 minutes to 2 to 3 hours with persistent practice .

You may experience the bliss from Swastikasana after sitting for prolonged periods in this pose.


You may consider placing a folded blanket under your legs, if your legs ache while performing the asana.


  • Avoid if you have severe knee pain
  • Do not perform this asana if you have got a hip surgery


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