Which mind body modalities are seeing use for treatment of pain

Which mind body modalities are seeing use for treatment of pain?

The use of biofeedback, cognitive behavioral feedback, or being mindful of and regulating bodily functions that are typically involuntary has frequently been taught as a tool for controlling pain; patients are taught to rethink pain and view it as something manageable, while also teaching how to regulate the changes which occur with onset of pain using relaxation techniques. There is some evidence indicating that biofeedback has use as a method for controlling chronic pain. Similarly, recent studies have shown the potential for “mindfulness,” and using meditation or yoga to change how one interprets pain have similar potential for dealing with pain. It is possible that, through meditation, the activity of the regions of the brain dealing with attention experience changes in activity, resulting in decreased activity in the part of the brain receiving pain signals from the body. Additional mind-body techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and music therapy, can also be used to relieve pain.


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