Can headache pain be treated using vitamins or supplements

Can headache pain be treated using vitamins or supplements?

A study in 1998 has shown that, when compared to a control group receiving placebos, 400 mg daily doses of riboflavin (as opposed to the recommended 1.8 mg daily value) were more effective at relieving pain from tension-type headaches and migraines over a 3-month period. While the study found significant differences between groups, a double-blind trial conducted in 2004 failed to replicate these findings and found no difference between control and riboflavin rats. While riboflavin has shown potential for preventing headache, in the case of acute migraine headache, administration of magnesium via intravenous means can work as an abortive agent. While studies of magnesium’s potential as a prophylactic agent have started, the results have been mixed.


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