How are acromegaly or gigantism treated

How are acromegaly or gigantism treated?

Goals of therapy for GH-secreting tumors include reduction of mortality risk, tumor shrinkage, and control of GH hypersecretion. The treatment of choice for GH-secreting tumors is TSS performed by an experienced pituitary surgeon. Most patients with microadenomas are cured, and larger tumors are debulked. In experienced hands, surgical complications are unusual. Significant reduction in GH levels and improvement in symptoms typically follow surgery, even when further treatment is required. Certain patients may benefit from medical therapy before surgery to reduce surgical risks, including patients with congestive heart failure, severe sleep apnea, intubation problems, or other comorbidities of acromegaly. There are no conclusive data that preoperative treatment improves cure rates, however.


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