Contraindications for image guided PNB and PFA

Contraindications (absolute or relative) for image-guided PNB and PFA/PCD

• A competent patient who does not give consent

• A patient who is unwilling or unable to cooperate with or to be positioned for the procedure (e.g., a retroperitoneal abscess is only accessible percutaneously via the back but the patient is unable to lie prone because of pain from an anterior abdominal wound or recent surgical incision)

• Uncorrectable coagulopathy

• Severely compromised cardiopulmonary function or hemodynamic instability

• Lack of a safe percutaneous “window” or pathway to the target

• Inability to visualize the target with available imaging modalities

• Pregnancy in cases in which imaging guidance uses ionizing radiation (the potential risks to the fetus and the clinical benefits of the procedure should be considered before proceeding)


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