Stannous Fluoride

What is Stannous Fluoride

Stannous fluoride is a topically administered fluoride preparation. Although water contains fluoride ions, natural water in some areas has a very low fluoride concentration.

Topical fluorides, such as toothpastes, mouth rinses, gels, and foams, strengthen teeth already present in the mouth by making them more decay-resistant.

In contrast, systemic fluorides, such as tablets, fluoridated water, lozenges, and drops, are ingested, incorporated into forming teeth, and distributed into saliva, which continually bathes the teeth.

Indications & Dosage

  • dental caries prophylaxis
  • dentin desensitization

Side Effects

  1. abdominal pain
  2. anemia
  3. asthenia
  4. dental fluorosis
  5. dyspepsia
  6. fluorosis
  7. headache
  8. tooth discoloration
  9. weakness
  10. weight loss

Monitoring Parameters

  • laboratory monitoring not necessary


  • breast-feeding
  • children
  • dental fluorosis
  • dental work
  • GI disease
  • infants
  • neonates
  • pregnancy


There are no drug interactions associated with Stannous Fluoride products.


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