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What is Simethicone

Simethicone is an oral antiflatulent agent.

It is used to relieve the pain and pressure of excess gas in the digestive tract.

Indications & Dosage

  • bowel preparation
  • dyspepsia
  • flatulence
  • gastrointestinal radiography

For the symptomatic relief of pressure, bloating, and fullness commonly referred to as gas (flatulence)

Side Effects

  • eructation
  • flatulence

Troublesome adverse events reported with simethicone are infrequent; the more common and mild side effects include eructation and flatulence as air bubbles and gas are eliminated from the GI tract. The drug is not absorbed systemically.

Monitoring Parameters

  • laboratory monitoring not necessary


  • breast-feeding
  • phenylketonuria
  • pregnancy


  • Levothyroxine
  • Levothyroxine; Liothyronine (Porcine)
  • Levothyroxine; Liothyronine (Synthetic)
  • Liothyronine
  • Thyroid hormones

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