Morvan syndrome

Morvan syndrome

Morvan syndrome is a rare medical condition

life-threatening, acquired neurologic disease characterized by neuromyotonia, dysautonomia and encephalopathy with severe insomnia.

Synonyms of Morvan syndrome

  1. Limbic encephalitis-neuromyotonia-hyperhidrosis-polyneuropathy syndrome
  2. Morvan fibrillary chorea


  • <1 / 1000000

Age of onset

  • Adults

Symptoms and Signs of Morvan syndrome

Symptoms resulting from the autonomic nervous system involvement

Symptoms resulting from the central nervous system involvement

  • hallucinations
  • confusion
  • amnesia
  • myoclonus

Symptoms resulting from the systemic involvement

  • Weight loss
  • pruritus
  • fever

Few reported Thymoma


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