Level II obstetric ultrasound examination

What is a level II obstetric ultrasound examination, and what elements of fetal anatomy are included?

A level II obstetric ultrasound examination is a comprehensive real-time ultrasonography (US) evaluation of fetal anatomy to detect fetal anomalies, whereas a level I obstetric ultrasound is a more general evaluation to detect obstetric problems.

For the elements of fetal anatomy that are included in a level II obstetric ultrasound examination, see the below table

Elements of Fetal Anatomy in a Level II Obstetric Ultrasound Examination (Fetal Anatomic Survey)

Head, Face, and Neck
Cerebral lateral ventriclesChoroid plexusMidline falxCavum septi pellucidiCerebellumCisterna magnaUpper lipNuchal fold ( ≤ 20 weeks) (not included in the basic elements, but advised if the fetus is ≤ 20 weeks)
HeartFour-chamber viewLeft ventricular outflow tractRight ventricular outflow tract
Stomach (presence, size, situs)KidneysUrinary bladderUmbilical cord insertionUmbilical cord number of vessels
Cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral (in sagittal and transverse planes)
Arms and legs
In multiple gestations and when medically indicated

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