Who are at risk for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Who are at risk for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Who gets CRPS? How does childhood and adult CRPS differ?

Adult CRPS occurs in women more than in men (2 to 4:1). It affects all races. Adults get CRPS much more often than children, and it usually involves the upper extremity. The highest incidence is in the 40- to 60-year age group with a mean age of 50 years.

Childhood CRPS occurs mostly in girls (70%) and is more common in Caucasians. It is more common in adolescence (mean age, 12–13 years) and unusual in children aged <7 years. The incidence in children is thought to be underreported because it often goes unrecognized due to being less likely to occur with a history of inciting trauma, usually affects the lower extremity which is cool, and oftentimes is diagnosed as a psychiatric condition. It is in general a more benign disease in children who respond better to physical and occupational therapy than adults.


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