What devices are currently commercially available in the US for EVAR

What devices are currently commercially available in the United States for EVAR, and how do they differ?

Current FDA-approved devices include the Cook Zenith, the Endologix Powerlink, the Gore Excluder, the Medtronic AneuRx, and the Medtronic Talent. Except for the unibody Powerlink platform, all platforms are modular in design. Each manufacturer offers a slightly different range of widths and lengths, including tapered and flared iliac extensions. The Zenith and the Excluder are equipped with tiny hooks or barbs to aid in fixation of the graft to the aortic wall. Some stent grafts are suprarenal, meaning they have uncovered stent structures that extend across and above the renal arteries. The Zenith and the Talent are suprarenal stent grafts. The AneuRx and the Excluder are infrarenal stent grafts. The Powerlink offers infrarenal and suprarenal aortic cuffs and is the only graft that is designed to “sit” on the iliac bifurcation. All stent grafts are self-expanding, but each has a different delivery catheter and actuator mechanism.


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