TORCH infections

What are TORCH infections?

The acronym TORCH stands for infections caused by T oxoplasmosis, O ther (varicella zoster virus, human immunodeficiency virus [HIV], parvovirus B19, enterovirus, etc.), R ubella virus, C ytomegalovirus (CMV), and H erpes simplex virus.

How do TORCH infections appear radiographically?

It is often impossible to distinguish TORCH infections radiographically. Intracranial calcification patterns may aid in differentiating them. CMV calcifications are classically present only in the periventricular ( c ircu mv entricular) regions, whereas toxoplasmosis and rubella also have basal ganglia and cortical calcifications. CMV may also be associated with migrational abnormalities previously discussed. HIV infection may manifest as atrophy with bilateral basal ganglia calcifications. Cerebral atrophy may be present in any infection.


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