Rate of recovery of kidney function in Sepsis associated acute kidney injury

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Rate of recovery of kidney function in Sepsis associated acute kidney injury

In patients who develop acute kidney injury from sepsis, what is the rate of recovery of kidney function?

Recovery of kidney function is increasingly recognized as an important determinant of morbidity with long-term health resource implications.

Data have suggested that kidney recovery and independence from dialysis may be greater in septic compared with nonseptic acute kidney injury.

In the BEST Kidney study (a large multicenter study of patients with acute kidney injury), in survivors to hospital discharge with normal baseline kidney function, 5.7% of septic acute kidney injury compared with 7.8% of nonseptic AKI were dialysis dependent.

However, in patients with preexisting Chronic Kidney Disease, recovery to dialysis independence trended lower in septic compared with non-septic acute kidney injury (16.7% vs. 24.7%, P = .28).

Another study found 95.7% of patients with septic acute kidney injury had complete kidney function recovery occurring on average 10.1 ± 8 days after hospital discharge.

It is important to note that patients with Sepsis associated acute kidney injury who do recover kidney function may be left with residual kidney damage and are at high risk of future Chronic Kidney Disease.

Thus, Sepsis associated acute kidney injury patients should be closely followed by a nephrologist to monitor for Chronic Kidney Disease and partial recovery.

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