How mind body treatments can help chronic pain

How mind body treatments can help chronic pain?

Although stress does not cause back pain to occur, it can exacerbate chronic pain. Cognitive behavioral therapy can decrease the amplified signal of pain that is brought on by stress and fear-avoidance of activity. Fear and avoidance of activity is a common response found in chronic pain sufferers. Nonetheless avoiding activity can limit daily life and social and occupational experiences long term. Functional restoration programs are multidisciplinary programs that incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy. This technique is used to empower the patient to be able to perform tasks by modifying their pain levels. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a way to educate and reframe perception and attitudes toward chronic pain. This therapy can be taught by trained psychiatrists, psychologists or other mental health professionals. It has been proven that the combination of physical activity and cognitive behavioral therapy can improve one’s perception of pain. Biofeedback and relaxation techniques have shown promising improvements in those with migraines.


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