How does Inclusion Body Myositis differ from Polymyositis

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How does Inclusion Body Myositis differ from Polymyositis?

Despite IBM and PM both being inflammatory myopathies, there are several clinical and immunologic differences that distinguish between them

Inclusion Body Myositis versus Polymyositis

Inclusion Body MyositisPolymyositis
DemographicsMale > Female, age >50 yearsFemale > Male, all ages
Muscle involvementProximal and distal
Other organ involvementNeuropathyInterstitial lung disease, arthritis, heart involvement
Antinuclear antibodiesSometimesSometimes
Myositis-specific antibodiesNoYes
ElectromyogramMyopathic and neuropathicMyopathic
Muscle biopsyCD8+T-cell infiltrate. Red-rimmed vacuoles, beta-amyloidCD8+T-cell infiltrate
Response to immunosuppressive therapyNoFrequent

Pearl : A patient with PM who fails to respond to prednisone should be reexamined for IBM.

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