Features of vascular parkinsonism

Features of vascular parkinsonism

What are the most important characteristics of vascular parkinsonism? 

Multiple vascular lesions in the basal ganglia may be associated with parkinsonism.

Tremor at rest is not a common finding, and bradykinesia and rigidity tend to be more significant in the legs.

In some patients, the findings are virtually limited to the lower extremities; hence the designation of vascular parkinsonism as “lower body” parkinsonism.

Unlike Parkinsons Disease, the gait in patients with vascular parkinsonism is characterized by a broad base.

Some patients show stepwise progression. Associated findings, such as dementia, spasticity, weakness, and Babinski’s signs, are commonly observed.

Neuroradiologic studies, especially MRI, show a multi-infarct state. The response to dopaminergic therapy is usually poor.


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