Dual time point PET

What is dual time point PET, and what is its potential utility?

DTP PET is a scanning technique that involves acquisition of two sets of PET images (at early and delayed time points) after intravenous FDG administration. In general, malignant lesions tend to have increasing levels of glucose (and FDG) uptake over time, whereas nonmalignant lesions as well as normal tissues tend to have stable or decreasing levels of glucose (and FDG) uptake over time. Therefore, DTP PET generally helps to improve the sensitivity of detection of malignant lesions in the body compared to single time point (STP) PET, as malignant lesions become more FDG avid over time and background tissue FDG uptake decreases. Furthermore, DTP PET improves the specificity to characterize a lesion as malignant or benign, given the differential temporal patterns of FDG uptake.


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