Is Walking Good for Varicose Veins – Research Facts on Varicose Veins and Exercise

Is Walking Good for Varicose Veins ?

Guided exercises especially treadmill exercises significantly improves walking performance and relieves the symptoms in those with Varicose Veins and other lower‐extremity peripheral artery disease (PAD).

A research study published in the Journal of American Heart Association (JAHA) proved that supervised exercises were beneficial in relieving the symptoms of varicose veins and reducing the severity of the disease.

This study was conducted in two groups, of which one is a control group, They have implemented a 6‐month group‐mediated cognitive behavioral (GMCB) intervention in the study group who are affected with varicose veins.

This GMCB intervention includes promotion of home‐based walking exercise, improved 6‐minute walk and other outcomes at 12‐month follow‐up, 6 months after completing the intervention, compared to the control group.

This study is the 12‐Month Follow‐up of the Goals Randomized Trial

A weekly on‐site GMCB intervention that promoted home‐based walking exercise intervention for people with PAD demonstrated continued benefit at 12‐month follow‐up.