Caplacizumab Brand Name– CABLIVI

What is Caplacizumab

Caplacizumab is a parenteral von Willebrand factor-directed antibody fragment indicated for the treatment of adults with acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (aTTP), in combination with plasma exchange and immunosuppressive therapy.

The efficacy of caplacizumab was established based on time to platelet count response (platelet count of 150,000/mm3 or more with discontinuation of daily plasma exchange within 5 days).

Median time to platelet count normalization was shorter with caplacizumab than with placebo (2.69 days [95% CI, 1.89 to 2.83] vs. 2.88 days [95% CI, 2.68 to 3.56], p = 0.01).

Treatment resulted in a lower number of patients with TTP-related death (0 vs. 3) and TTP recurrence (3 vs. 28). The proportion of patients with TTP recurrence in the overall study period (which included the treatment period and the 28-day follow-up period) was significantly lower in the treatment group (13%) compared to the placebo group (38%).

Caplacizumab reduced the burden of care by reducing the number of plasma exchange sessions, length of hospital stay, and length of stay in the intensive care unit.

Caplacizumab increases the risk of bleeding; severe or serious bleeding events reported in caplacizumab-treated patients included epistaxis, gingival bleeding, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, metrorrhagia, and subarachnoid hemorrhage


  • thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura

For the treatment of acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura (aTTP), in combination with plasma exchange and immunosuppressive therapy

Side Effects

  1. antibody formation
  2. back pain
  3. bleeding
  4. dyspnea
  5. epistaxis
  6. epistaxis
  7. fatigue
  8. fever
  9. GI bleeding
  10. headache
  11. hematoma
  12. hematuria
  13. infection
  14. injection site reaction
  15. menorrhagia
  16. myalgia
  17. paresthesias
  18. urticaria
  19. vaginal bleeding

Monitoring Parameters

  • laboratory monitoring not necessary


  • bleeding
  • breast-feeding
  • coagulopathy
  • dental work
  • hemophilia
  • hepatic disease
  • pregnancy
  • surgery


No information is available regarding drug interactions associated with Caplacizumab


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