When is dialysis indicated in the treatment of rhabdomyolysis

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When is dialysis indicated in the treatment of rhabdomyolysis?

Indications for dialysis in Acute Kidney Injury from rhabdomyolysis are similar to those in other forms of Acute Kidney Injury.

Life-threatening hyperkalemia, refractory acidosis, and volume overload are standard indications for renal replacement therapy in rhabdomyolysis.

The clearance of myoglobin using conventional intermittent hemodialysis or continuous therapies, such as continuous venovenous hemofiltration, continuous venovenous hemodiafiltration, or slow extended daily dialysis, is low and currently does not have a role in the prevention of Acute Kidney Injury in rhabdomyolysis.

Super-high-flux dialyzers have increased myoglobin clearance; however, their role in the treatment or prevention of Acute Kidney Injury remains unclear.

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