What physiologic factors normally affect gastric emptying

What physiologic factors normally affect gastric emptying?

Numerous factors can affect gastric emptying. Factors that increase the gastric emptying rate include upright patient positioning, younger age with male gender, higher liquid content of food, smaller size of food particles, larger volume of food, and lower fat content of food. Factors that can slow the rate include supine patient positioning, older age with female gender, higher solid content of food, larger size of food particles, smaller volume of food, and higher fat content of food. Other factors that can cause variable responses include the hormonal and metabolic state of the patient, stress, and medications. For these reasons, it is imperative that a standardized meal and acquisition protocol be used and compared with normal values established for that specific technique.

What are the normal rates for gastric emptying?

The rate of gastric emptying depends on the particular methods and meal used, but the normal half emptying time of the stomach is usually 50 to 100 minutes


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