What is the Apgar score

What is the Apgar score? 

The Apgar score is a clinical vitality rating scale applied to newborn infants in an attempt to identify those at risk for certain neonatal complications.

Apgar is an eponym (Virginia Apgar, US obstetrical anesthesiologist), although it is often used as an acronym

AAppearance (color)Blue, paleAcrocyanosisPink
PPulse (heart rate)Absent<100>100
GGrimace (reflex irritability in response to nasal suctioning)No responseGrimaceCry
AActivity (muscle tone)LimpSome flexionActive motion
RRespiration (respiratory effort)AbsentSlow and irregularStrong crying

Infants are routinely scored at 1 and 5 minutes after birth. Further scores may be made at 10 and 20 minutes if the infant appears to have been compromised.


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