Symptoms more specific for rickets and not osteomalacia

Symptoms more specific for rickets and not osteomalacia

What clinical manifestations are more specific for rickets and not osteomalacia?

Since rickets results from mineralization defects that occur during bone maturation, some clinical manifestations are distinct from those observed with osteomalacia in adults. Clinical features include bone pain, deformities, fractures, muscle weakness, and growth retardation. Laboratory findings are similar to those in osteomalacia. However, x-rays may show delayed opacification of the epiphyses, widened growth plates, widened and irregular metaphyses, and thin cortices with sparse, coarse trabeculae in the diaphyses. Deformities differ depending on the time of onset:

First Year Of LifeAfter First Year Of Life
Widened cranial suturesFlared ends of long bones
Frontal bossingBowing of long bones
CraniotabesSabre shins
Rachitic rosaryCoxa vara
Harrison’s grooveGenu varum
Flared wristsGenu valgum

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