methods of repairing aneurysms

Methods of repairing aneurysms

What are their advantages and disadvantages

Surgical repair and endovascular stent-graft repair are two methods of repairing aneurysms. Surgical repair is a more definitive treatment, requiring no imaging follow-up, and has known long-term durability. Endovascular repair is newer, and long-term data are unavailable. Because of potential complications of endovascular repair, follow-up imaging and reintervention often are required. Many patients with aortic aneurysm are not surgical candidates, however, because of comorbidities such as cardiopulmonary disease; endovascular repair is preferred for these patients. More recent large studies have shown lower operative mortality and short-term morbidity, but an increase in repeat procedures for endovascular repair compared with open surgical repair of AAAs. Thoracic aortic endovascular repair is a newer procedure, with fewer outcomes studies at present.


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