Imaging modalities to rule out intussusception

What imaging modalities are commonly used in children to confirm or rule out intussusception?

• Plain radiographs lack sensitivity and many false-negative results occur, so normal plain films should not exclude the diagnosis of intussusception. Later in the disease, up to 60% may show absence of air in the right upper and lower quadrants and evidence of soft tissue density.

• Ultrasonography has the advantage of being relatively fast, noninvasive, and without exposure to ionizing radiation. Although it may be operator dependent, in experienced hands the sensitivity (98-100%) and specificity (88-100%) are high. It is important to note that if intussusception is detected on ultrasound, air or barium contrast enema under fluoroscopy is still indicated for treatment.

• Contrast enema has long been the standard for diagnosis and treatment of intussusception. Barium or air is introduced under pressure into the bowel via a tube in the rectum during fluoroscopy. Air is safer, cheaper, and more effective at reduction and poses less risk if there is bowel perforation.


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