Effect of MRI on intrathecal pump

Effect of MRI on intrathecal pump

What effect does a magnetic resonance imaging have on an intrathecal pump?

Except for the Codman3000 system, the intense magnetic field produced by an MRI can have profound effects on intrathecal drug delivery systems. For example, the Medtronic Synchromed II system will temporarily suspend drug delivery until the patient is removed from the MRI’s magnetic field, at which point the system will spontaneously restart. On occasion this does not occur; therefore the pump should be interrogated after all MRIs to ensure proper functioning. In contrast, the magnetic field of an MRI will result in an opening of the flow restriction mechanism of the Flowonix Prometra pump, leading to an increase in intrathecal drug delivery and potential overdose. The new generation of the Flowonix pump prevents this complication with a shutoff valve that will engage if the delivery valve remains open. If the shut-off valve is engaged, the pump requires reprogramming to restart.


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