Differential diagnosis of cystic lesions around the hip joint

What is the differential diagnosis of cystic lesions around the hip joint?

Cystic lesions around the hip joint may occur in both intra- and extraosseous structures and appear as well-marginated smooth or lobulated lesions with or without internal septations demonstrating fluid signal intensity on all imaging sequences.

Common intraosseous cystic lesions include paralabral cysts, subchondral cysts or geodes, and synovial herniation pits; extraosseous cystic lesions include paralabral, synovial, or ganglion cysts, as well as bursal fluid collections (e.g., with iliopsoas and greater trochanteric bursitis). It is usually possible to differentiate among these possibilities on MRI by thorough examination of their exact location and relation to other structures and lesions.


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