CT and MRI findings of adrenal cysts

What are the CT and MRI findings of adrenal cysts?

Adrenal cysts are rare and asymptomatic. They are most often secondary to endothelial cysts and pseudocysts (most often caused by prior adrenal hemorrhage) and less commonly secondary to epithelial or parasitic cysts. They are usually unilateral and appear as well-circumscribed round or oval fluid attenuation and fluid signal intensity cystic lesions of the adrenal gland with a smooth thin wall ( Figure 36-4 ). Sometimes (most commonly with pseudocysts and parasitic cysts) the internal fluid may be proteinaceous or hemorrhagic with variably increased attenuation, increased T1-weighted signal intensity, or decreased T2-weighted signal intensity relative to simple fluid. Internal septations, fluid-debris levels, calcifications, or wall thickening may also be seen. However, no solid enhancing components will be visualized.


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