Complications of IVC filter placement

Complications of IVC filter placement

What complications are related to IVC filter placement?

Complications of filter placement can be related to the access site and include hematoma, venous thrombosis, and accidental arterial puncture. Complications related to the device include filter migration, malposition, fracture, infection, IVC perforation, failed deployment, and caval occlusion. IVC filter migration into the right atrium and pulmonary artery has been reported and can be fatal. IVC filters can be dislodged by wires or catheters placed during venous access performed at a later time. A potential complication for house staff may occur during central line placement. If the wire is inserted too far down the IVC in a patient with a filter, it may become entrapped. Attempts to pull the wire out may pull the filter with it and lacerate the cava. If you are placing a central line and the wire feels like it is “stuck,” check the patient’s record to see whether he or she has a filter. If the patient has a filter, you may want to call the interventional radiologist who can help remove the wire under fluoroscopic guidance.


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