Common Subepithelial Lesions and EUS Characteristics

What are common subepithelial lesions and their EUS characteristics

Common Subepithelial Lesions and EUS Characteristics

Subepithelial LesionEUS Characteristic
Gastrointestinal stromal tumorHypoechoic, second or fourth layer
LipomaHyperechoic, third layer
CarcinoidMildly hypoechoic, second or third layer
CystAnechoic, second or third layer
Pancreatic restHypoechoic or heterogeneous, second, third, or fourth layer
Granular cell tumorHypoechoic, second or third layer
VaricesAnechoic, serpiginous, second or third layer
Inflammatory fibroid polypHypoechoic, second or third layer

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